Leveraging Cloud to scale up your data center

scale up your data center with cloud

Our only security is our ability to change – John Lilly

There has been an unprecedented rise in the communications and technology landscape which has driven the costs up to cater to the increasing use of data storage and bandwidth. With internet penetration and rising mobile adoption the need for businesses to be online is at its peak. Ecommerce is no more a channel but the best means to reach your target market.

“We need to invest in more hardware”, said the IT head.

The CEO and CFO shrugged in silence which signaled their acceptance due to lack of better alternatives.

Although this seems like a conversation from 2010, it is a reality in many organizations that still believe in having data in-house (due to so called security protocols) and prefer heavy capital investment in infrastructure instead of choosing the service providers with much lower cost.

While businesses are working on their IT strategy and allocating a higher budget towards their IT spend, organization are being forced to tighten their budgets and extract more value from existing resources.

However, demand is still fluctuating owing to rising competition which places huge pressure on an in-house data center infrastructure. This is a tipping point from an acceptable user experience which leads to catastrophic failure and service outage. In order to address this we need to take care of load as well our IT Setup. Since load is not accurately predictable we need to improve the Infrastructure which can be made scalable.

To be able to safely achieve this is by supplementing the data center resources with cloud solution, offloading the non-mission critical workloads across truly optimized resources. / Making the Datacenter agile enables quick actions to increase in demand, leading to a better user experience and reduced service downtime.

Deploying Cloud to handle load

For organizations that are heavily invested in infrastructure a complete transition is not on the cards. The best way to handle the seasonal demand is to use a scalable cloud solution which can be procured immediately and is billed as per consumption. This would help cater to sudden demand for compute resources without putting pressure on your budget.

Many cloud service providers offer these solutions and the demand for it is going to increase exponentially in the near future. With online selling becoming the norm and businesses moving majority of their processes online the need for an affordable & flexible solution is quite certain.

ESDS offers a unique auto-scalable Cloud platform which uses smart algorithms to predict load on a VM and accordingly allocates resources in real-time without users intervention. This allows CIOs to have a ready backup plan when they face resource crunch or have higher demand due to seasonal variations without the hassles to setting up VMs.

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Rapid changes are happening at scale in computing systems as smartphones proliferate market and cloud computing enters the mix. What kind of thinking does the cloud enable? Cloud enables strategic cloud implementations that are platform dependent.

A sound cloud strategy is underlying the need for organizations for the coming fiscal. Cloud systems are expected to go beyond customer service applications to include all the enterprise applications, so that these can become available as cloud offerings across the business landscape.

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