Power Generators In The Data Center, Which Aspects To Pay Attention?

ESDS Data Center considers generators as a key issue in the reliability of the data center. Alongside a line UPS on battery to an emergency generator should be a solution to be considered by all operators of data centers. The question has become increasingly important at a time when major natural events such as Sandy caused damage to power lines, followed by longer periods of power blackout. Below there are some questions to consider before, during and after the installation of a generator.

What we need to consider before installing a generator in a Data Center?

Type And Rating Of The Generator: The generator will be classified as power source required Optional standby?

Size Of The Generator: When choosing the size of a generator, it is important to consider the total power load in addition to the expected increase of the load.

Fuel Type: It will be a diesel generator or gas? There are pros and cons to both.

Installation Location: Where you will install the generator? Its installation is internal or external?

Requirements In Emissions: What are the emission limits of spent fuel in your area?

Execution Time Required: What is the expected execution time for the system of the generator? How much fuel it needs at hand to make the time to put into execution required?

Commissioning: What is your startup plan? What types of operations are required?

Testing Of The Load: How to log in after load testing? Have access to a bank of non-linear load with power factors appropriate to test the generator?

Revision: What will be planning the audit for the generator?

Service Agreement Of The Generator:

Preventive Maintenance: Preventive maintenance should be performed at least twice a year. If you see the installation of the generator as a critical task for business, it is best to plan a maintenance program with fixed deadlines.

Monitoring: How it is connected to the monitoring system of the generator? Who is monitoring the system for a possible failure of the generator and ATS systems?

Regular Testing And Maintenance: How often do you have to test the generator and maintain? How should this be done by testing?


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