Benefits of Data Center

data-center-benefitsThe Data Center has its main objective to provide a technically and economically viable and efficient alternative, allowing to maximize their resources and minimize the risks and rewards of technology management problems through the application of international standards and economies of scale.

Entities, regardless of size, achieve several benefits to using technology on demand, rather than the traditional purchase. First, should not do capital investments can handle monthly fixed costs, allowing them to control their budgets, do not suffer the effects of depreciation, concentrate on your business and not on solving technical problems, have permanent access to technology more advanced and finally have a permanent and guaranteed support.

Additionally, entities that hire the services of the best data center in the world, receive the following benefits:

  • Connectivity infrastructure of the Intranet, allows entities to share resources, exchange information, make processes and joint activities between entities and users, develop better applications for online transactions and services, promote e-commerce, among others.
  • Institutions using the products and services offered by the operator ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU CONSUME over a period of time.
  • The services offered by the Data Center are designed to international standards, industry best practices and a cycle of continuous improvement.
  • The Data Center is built with the highest standards of earthquake resistance and is equipped with security models in the industry.
  • Entities do not require large investments in equipment and infrastructure, because they will have the applications installed in a data center, which has operating and expansion capabilities in case the entities in processes requiring higher capacities.
  • The Data Center is staffed with proactive monitoring 24 * 7 * 365 days a year, and qualified staff, solving services in minimum time, set out in Service Level Agreements.
  • The Data Centre provides high standards of information security (ISO 27000), which ensures the protection of your data, as provider of the service.
  • The Data Center has an alternate center where the data is updated in real time, allowing you to have a backup, in case such that the first data center failures in providing this service. Under this scheme, the Data Center has availability levels of 99.8% 99.9% and 99.99% of the service.



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