Cloud Storage Data Center

cloud-storage-data-centerCloud Storage Data Center – The model for online storage where data is stored on multiple distributed servers in the network of data centers in India, provided for use of customers, mainly third party. In contrast to the model of data storage on their own dedicated servers, leased or purchased specifically for this purpose, or any number of servers, the internal structure of the customer, in general, is not visible. The data is stored and processed in a so called cloud that represents from the point of view of the customer, one large virtual server. Physically, these servers can be located remotely from each other geographically, down to the location on different continents.

Benefits of cloud storage

The customer pays only for the storage capacity that is actually used, but not for server and all the resources that are not be used. Client does not need to engage in the acquisition, support and maintenance of their own infrastructure for storing data, which ultimately reduces the overall cost of production.
All procedures for redundancy and data integrity are produced by the provider of cloud center, which does not involve the client in the process.

Potential Issues

Safety during the storage and transfer of data is one of the main issues when working with cloud, especially with regard to sensitive, private data. Overall performance when working with data in the cloud may be lower than that when working with local copies of data.

Reliability and timeliness of data availability and the cloud is highly dependent on many intermediate parameters, mainly such as data channels on the way from the client to the cloud, the question of the last mile, the question of the proper quality of the ISP client, the question of accessibility of the cloud at a time.

Cloud Gateways

A technology that can be used for more convenient presentation of cloud client. For example, with the appropriate software, storage in the cloud can be presented to the client as a local drive on his computer. Thus, work with the data in the cloud becomes completely transparent for the client. And if there is a good, fast connection, the cloud customer may not even notice that he is not work with local data on his computer, and with the data stored, possibly many hundreds of miles away.



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