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Data Replication or Data Back-Up – Recognize What You Need!

The usage of a back-up strategy by businesses is growing organically.  Thinking about early days, manually copying the essential files to a detachable media was a hectic task to the system administrator. In earlier times, a stack of floppy disks would have been sufficient, but as time passed, the storage capacity increased, and the detachable… Read More »


Project Green Connect- An environment friendly initiative by ESDS

Introduction Earlier when a user used to co-locate a server in a data center, they used to face many concerns regarding uptime, power, network, cooling and support. Now-a-days the user is also focused on the data center environment while hosting a server. As per a study carried out recently, the power consumed by data centers… Read More »


Leveraging Cloud to scale up your data center

There has been an unprecedented rise in the communications and technology landscape which has driven the costs up to cater to the increasing use of data storage and bandwidth. With internet penetration and rising mobile adoption the need for businesses to be online is at its peak. Ecommerce is no more a channel but the best means to reach your target market.