DCIM Implementation: 6 Challenges and Solutions.

DCIM Implementation 6 Challenges and Solutions.

DCIM Implementation

Data center needs are increasing with every step towards digitization. This increased need brings along need for a centralized management structure that provides managing, monitoring and controlling data center operations. Data center infrastructure management suites like eMagic delivers these features effectively. DCIM implementation brings along challenges that must be reviewed and then appropriate DCIM fulfilling all required needs with proper solutions for challenges must be chosen.

Validation of need

When was the last time you did not thought before investing? I know investment protection is very important when it comes to critical IT business and that too Data center service. Hence, it is important to choose any new structure wisely and see to it that how it will provide with value addition.

What is the use if it only advances your costs? Validation for need of DCIM implementation is must before its deployment. Data center requirement that is leading to the DCIM implementation must completely be fulfilled along with complete justice to the investment and increase in profit.

Real time monitoring

Late notification of an event occurrence (that needed instant action) is of no use. Data center events frequently require real time actions and hence Real time monitoring is basic requirement. DCIM tool has to monitor and control these events with human intervention.

Risks are mitigated with apt choice of tools for monitoring and controlling. Alerts and notifications convey the actions to be taken in real time. Performance, Bandwidth, IP, environment, Network, Traffic and other many more facets can be monitored.

Asset and Change management

Assets of Data center include servers, routers, network, cooling, power, etc., these assets need to be managed, with increase in a number of assets management can get complex. Hence, asset management under which Power management, Environment management and all hardware management facilitates the complete data center management.

Data center structure can be very complicated, change in assets valuation and configuration can be easily tracked with the help of change management, visual representation of these changes makes it more convenient to understand the changes. Thus, change management system provides comprehensive platform for managing users and also provides efficient support.


Security! Screams every IT person, and it is mandate in this growing havoc of data virtualization. Security concerns are of prime target in any data center related services. Complete authentication of data has to be a primary objective of any DCIM tool. In order to validate complete data protection, use of secured DCIM suite alone is not enough. Internal and external Firewalls, intrusion detection system, server level scanners at user end like MTVScan.


Performance report for system along with power, Bandwidth analysis can be very useful from Data center control point of view. Subnet reports and activity reports for monitoring the user activities, complete report sets of the required activities make it easier to control the operations in Data center using DCIM tool. Detailed analysis of the performance and changes that are needed can be monitored and controlled using reports.

Business intelligence

Implementation of DCIM needs consideration of certain points as we have seen above. Many Data center challenges are fixed using efficient DCIM tool. It saves operation time and extra cost in assets for monitoring and management. This makes it an ideal solution that adds value to business and provides cost optimization.

Increase in response time and timely analysis of performance and assets provides significant profit enhancement as we get the proper organized data in form with visual interpretation and graphs without much time and cost investment, this helps in decision making for data center operators and also helps in avoiding risks that might have caused by human errors.

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