Know-How on DCIM solutions for an Enterprise!


How on DCIM solutions for an Enterprise!

DCIM effectively manages IT infrastructure and reduces energy costs helping DC managers and maximizing ROI.

What is DCIM?

DCIM is an acronym for ‘data center infrastructure management’. It is a software or tool to measure, monitor, manage and control the IT infrastructure of an enterprise.  DCIM tool provides an integrated view of IT-related equipment and facility components of DC administrators for efficient utilization of resources, space, cooling etc.

With datacenters becoming complex in nature, the tools for monitoring and management are required for smooth functionality and gaining maximum ROI for IT assets.

Gartner defination of DCIM

What are benefits of DCIM for business?

The 451 Group predicts, ‘DCIM market will be worth more than $2 billion by 2019.’

Datacenter Infrastructure Management refers to the successful deployment of IT elements of software, hardware to achieve real-time monitoring and management for all IT assets of the organization.

Datacenter infrastructure tool helps operational managers to get a clear picture on the aspects of baseline temperature in datacenter with optimization of cooling, heating. This helps to maintain the ambient temperature of the environment.

DCIM provides data with regards to resources viz. CPU utilization, CPU error, RAM reaching threshold limits and much more which can be leveraged by DC administrators. This helps to repair, shutdown or increase capacity for the IT asset manager.

With DCIM deployment,  the enterprises can answer the questions related to:

  • Location of Datacenter asset
  • Best place to keep a new server in the allocated DC space
  • Tracking under-utilized resources
  • Long-term planning w.r.t. space, power, cooling and connectivity
  • Real-time monitoring and incident tracking

How should enterprises choose DCIM tool?

There are many teams that work in datacenter operations like Data administration teams, IT teams, facilities team, NOC teams and remote managd teams. The DCIM tool you choose for the company should be user-friendly with terms of UI and fewer clicks. A unified dashboard aids in comprehensive monitoring and controlling different teams at different levels.

Pre-alerts of issues that may arise can stop issues before they turn to actual problems.  Power consumption measurement will help you plan the future such that you never run out of capacity or waste by over-utilisation.  DCIM ensures that all equipment is maintained in a safe environment based on ASHRAE guidelines.

With visually appealing dashboards and widgets, the datacenter or IT administrators can get a common screen of reports, 3D floor maps, capacity monitoring for an additional dimension of analysis.

An enterprise should look for DCIM that provides APIs, plug-ins, updates and other tools that can be integrated with DCIM. This will help to complete tasks faster and with fewer clicks.

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