eNlight’s Customizable Enterprise Solutions For You


eNlight’s Customizable Enterprise Solutions

Your business and its practices are unique. Therefore, your business solutions should be unique to your business needs. We fully understand this concept which is why our cloud services are designed to meet your unique business needs. We have taken the time to understand every possible computing need you may have and then taken measures to provide reliable solutions.

We also understand that in order for you to benefit from these solutions, they will need to be tailored for your business. This is why we enable you to customize aspects of your cloud. Only you know what your business specifically needs. You can very quickly and very easily customize our services so they fit perfectly into what you need.

Get Unique Security Standards

The major concern for most businesses when it comes to cloud computing is data security. A cloud computing provider can promise you unimaginable security grades. But unless they are willing to make you a part of the security measures, the issue of your data security still remains.

Our complete suites of security services are highly customizable. You can select your own security settings based on your security needs. You can even choose to deploy multiple protection mechanisms against online threats and customize your security controls.

Get a Custom Made Virtual Environment

Our dedicated teams help you build a virtual environment that is unique to your business needs. We understand that your business needs may change over time. This is why we also make it our business to stay abreast of these changes and adjust accordingly. Every detail of your managed virtual environment will reflect your business. It will also be flexible enough to accommodate any necessary changes.

Custom Cloud Infrastructure

With eNlight cloud we allow you the freedom to select your software and hardware resources. You also get a flexible and robust back-end for each of the cloud flavors you choose to use. You get to choose what to add to your infrastructure. You can decide to add firewalls or load balancers or even more cloud storage.

If you consider that you pay as you consume with us, you understand the appeal of adding resources when you need them.

Custom VM Deployment

By enabling you to customize your VM templates, we provide you the ability to easily deploy VM. All you have to do is create one VM model that you can easily replicate and use over and over again. In this way eNlight not only enables you to customize VM templates that are unique to your business, but also saves you time.

You also have the capability to manage and modify your VMs very easily through your single console panel.

All of these customization are easy enough to implement. Our support team will however be on hand to make sure that you make them easily. By making all the necessary custom adjustments, you get all the benefits of eNlight Cloud amplified. Your IT Infrastructure will be as unique as your business needs.

Would your business benefit from these customization? Tell us how in the comments section below.

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