What is NetFlow Analyzer in eMagic?


NetFlow Analyzer


First, we will see what exactly NetFlow Analyzer is – it is a network protocol that helps us to monitor bandwidth.

This protocol quickly helps us to isolate threats like worms or virus that attacks on the infrastructure. It also allows resolving network related problems quickly and provides a chance to better plan our capacity. We can say it is a comprehensive traffic analysis tool, thanks to the eMagic flow technology that provides real-time visibility into the performance of bandwidth.

NetFlow Analyzer protocol primarily considered for just as a bandwidth monitoring tool, but later widely accepted for optimizing thousands of networks worldwide because of its overview of bandwidth and traffic analysis ability.

It is a unified solution that collects, analyzes and provides reports on how your bandwidth is being used and by whom. NetFlow Analyzer is the preferred partner of millions of interfaces in the world, optimizing the use of bandwidth, with counting the precise study and analysis of network traffic.

How eMagic analyze accurately your traffic through NetFlow Analyzer?

Bandwidth monitoring and Traffic Analysis

  • With eMagic we can monitor bandwidth and traffic at all levels.
  • We can also inspect thoroughly your network for traffic patterns and performance of your machines.
  • It gets the real-time views near your bandwidth with ultra-accurate reporting.

Network Security Analysis and Inspection

  • Detect a broad spectrum of external and internal threats using technology Continuous Stream Mining Engine.
  • Follows the network anomaly that surpasses your firewall.
  • Identifies sensitive irregularities to the context and the “Zero-day” intrusion using NetFlow Analyzer.

Intelligent Monitoring Applications

  • Locate and categorize non-standard applications that clog your bandwidth.
  • Examine a router in particular and identify the type of application and the associated traffic.
  • Brings you a complete traffic visibility and recognition applications that use dynamic port numbers or behind of known ports.

QoS Validation with Cisco CBQoS

  • Gives priority to critical business applications and ensure the proper implementation of QoS policies through Cisco CBQoS.
  • Validated the effectiveness of policies used in CBQoS through traffic reports before and after the implementation of a policy.
  • Get deep visibility with ‘child policies’ and reports match-statement.

Effectively monitor data traffic

  • Analyze IP service levels for network-based applications and services using IP SLA monitoring.
  • Make flawless quality data through Cisco IP SLA technology.
  • Keep an eye on the performance of your data traffic.

Capacity Planning

  • Informs about growing bandwidth using planning reports.
  • Measure your bandwidth growth over a given period of time with long-term relationships.
  • Check specific trends over extended periods of time.

Support multivendor & Technology Flow

  • Collect and analyze the flow of Cisco devices, Juniper, and other major suppliers.
  • Get reports on all flows formats like NetFlow, sFlow, and many others.

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