Upgrade Your IT department with Virtual Machines

VMs and IT Department

Virtual Machines

Virtual machines (VM) revolutionize the way IT departments are run. Their benefits are numerous since they give the user the same experience as they would get on a dedicated hardware, without the user having to incur the cost associated with hardware.

Virtual machines work by mimicking the function of hardware resources such as networks, CPU, or servers managed by a virtual machine monitor or a hypervisor. This enables virtual machines to share hardware resources.

As you can already guess, the benefits of VMs can be very appealing to a business. Some of the benefits of using virtual machines include:

  • Reduces costs, by reducing the need to purchase physical hardware systems
  • Enables a business to cut the costs associated with hardware maintenance and upkeep
  • Virtual hardware doesn’t fail. That’s why the adoption of virtual machines into your IT infrastructure will make management easier
  • Simplifies certain data related tasks as Backups, Disaster Recovery, and even basic administration tasks
  • Easy setup, just download and install the VM

The Value of Multiple Virtual Machines

A benefit many businesses appreciate is the ability to have multiple VMs on a single physical hardware. If your hardware is going to host more than one virtual machine, you are going to need additional bandwidth and storage.

Virtual machines will also provide you with a strategy to utilize a single hardware system in ways previously thought unimaginable. VMs can also be copied and moved, which makes it very easy for them to be reassigned between servers. This helps when you repurpose your hardware utilization or want to adapt quickly and easily.

However, it’s up to your IT staff to ensure that your VMs balance with available resources. There are instances where VMs can consume an unequal quantity of resources.

VMs and Cloud Computing Options

Virtual machines, when integrated with your cloud platform, are more customizable and can be created as the need arises. This feature has made it possible for our cloud users to have additional IT infrastructure in the form of virtual machines.

We provide these VMs on an as-needed basis. At ESDS, you also get the option of customizing your VM template to conform with your needs. The VM options we provide can also allow IT professionals to specify what resources can interact with the VM. This gives a feeling of control over the VMs and their creation further reinforcing their importance in the IT evolution.

There are some risks that are associated with the Virtual Machines but the benefits far outweigh any of the risks. The most important of these benefits being that you can leverage your hardware to be more productive. You can install multiple Virtual Machines to correspond to your data needs without having to purchase additional hardware.

Do you use virtual machines? If you do, tell us the greatest benefit you have enjoyed so far and how it has changed your business. If not, share with us your thoughts on virtual machines and whether or not you would use them. Just enter your contribution into the comments section below.

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