ESDS - How IOT is changing the way data center operate

How IoT Is Changing the Way Data Center Operate

As per the Uptime Institute’s Annual Outages Analysis 2023, a quarter of data center outage incidents cost more than $1 million, and seventy percent cost $100,000 or more. Combining predictive and preventive maintenance with good asset information can improve equipment reliability and system availability. However, IoT management platforms are transforming the business landscape

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a network of interconnected items interacting with the cloud and other IoT cloud platforms to share data. IoT management platforms, including consumer items and digital and mechanical equipment, are often incorporated with technology such as sensors and software.

IoT sensors monitor data center equipment, and Wireless IoT connectivity ensures peak efficiency. The aim is to maximize uptime, cut operating costs, enhance the energy efficiency, and protect housed data.

Importance of efficient IoT Management Platforms for data centers


The data center industry is following the majority of enterprises and organizations in the current wave of automation. One factor in this data center automation is the IoT management platforms. By automating as many processes as possible, data centers can lower expenses while increasing efficiency. 

The cost-effectiveness of IoT cloud platform devices has encouraged the data center move. A data center can have thousands of devices placed to monitor and control resources. The ability of the data center to maintain itself without human intervention makes it more self-sufficient as a whole.


Data centers are using IoT technology to mitigate the negative environmental impacts of their high energy consumption.

Fortunately, IoT management platforms can make data centers eco-friendly spaces. The production and use of electricity are the two factors that will determine this transition. Data centers can also prevent electronic waste by maintaining their equipment correctly.

Nowadays, data centers use Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to identify changes in humidity and temperature. Preventing servers from overheating is essential to maintaining efficiency rather than continuously depleting their resources.


Data centers need to maintain both their hardware and sustainability. Due to the Internet of Things, data center monitoring and maintenance can be relatively inexpensive. Connecting extra devices for data center management is reasonable because these buildings are already heavily networked. 

Sensors allow real-time information sharing between servers, routers, and other equipment. This data also contains optimal measurements such as temperature and the specific location of security devices to prevent servers from overheating.

Key IoT Management Platforms in Data Centers

Remote monitoring and data center infrastructure management 

Remote battery and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) monitoring are equally essential to guarantee proactive intervention and timely response to possible disasters. UPS battery systems are more reliable when they identify issues beforehand and respond immediately to deterioration or problems. This also allows enterprises to be more flexible in today’s changing data centers.

Predictive maintenance using IoT sensors and analytics

Data center operators can use predictive maintenance data to schedule maintenance during planned downtime or low-traffic periods. It reduces interruption and allows for switching out or repairing components before they break down.

The first step in the implementation is collecting data from wired or wireless Internet of Things sensors, such as temperature, vibration, and noise levels, which indicate the overall health of the equipment. After that, the data is processed and filtered before being transferred to the cloud via field or cloud gateways.

Energy efficiency and environmental monitoring

Airborne pollutants can enter a data center through maintenance processes, infrastructure modifications, equipment replacements, and outdoor air used for ventilation, pressurization, or cooling. 

It takes a proactive approach to monitoring indoor air quality with IoT management platforms. Teams can learn about particulates and pollutants. These have the potential to degrade connections and damage electronic devices. Such deterioration has the potential to remove competencies altogether. It helps in avoiding expensive data center outages.

Intense security through IoT-enabled surveillance and access control systems

Data exposure poses a greater risk than equipment loss in the event of a physical security breach in a data center. Customers are highly concerned about the security of personally identifiable information that businesses gather in various ways. Any data threat can cause a company’s business and reputation to suffer greatly and cause a significant financial loss. 

Asset tracking technology allows businesses to manage and track any asset, big or small, in real-time, even when the possibility of stealing an entire server is negligible. Additionally, it can notify employees when an asset is moved or tampered with, enabling them to react swiftly to any threat.

ESDS making a change in the Data Center Industry with an IoT management platform 

IoT management platforms in data centers have many advantages, as proven by the improved security and resilience that ESDS data centers provide in their operating frameworks. These data centers maximize efficiency and reliability by optimizing their functionality utilizing IoT management platforms. 

IoT solutions set modern data centers, emphasizing their importance for the industry’s current and upcoming developments. Using IoT cloud-based services also encourages predictive maintenance.

Additionally, it promotes effective operations and proactive monitoring. By doing this, data centers remain at the forefront of technological advancement. They can effortlessly adapt to evolving demands.

Being aware of what’s going on in your data center is essential because lots of things are at stake. Get a demo and learn more about our IoT service-based data center solution here.

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