Gartner: Internet Changing Data Center Management Framework

gartner-data-centerAccording to Gartner analysts, By 2020, the Network will connect 26 billion devices because of which, things will require a serious rethinking of approaches to managing data center facilities in the rapid growth of data.

According to recent studies, by 2020 about 26 billion different sensors, devices and other equipment will be connected to the Internet. The rise of the Internet will lead to the emergence of a huge amount of data that will need to be processed and analyzed in real time said Gartner Research Experts. Data processing on the Internet in real-time will lead to a corresponding increase in the load on the data center facility providers, putting providers facing new challenges in terms of security, resource requirements and analysis of information.

Internet provides remote access to resources and flow of data between these resources and a centralized control system. Resources can be integrated into new or existing enterprise system, and organization based on the analysis of data can get real-time information about their location, current status, supported functionality, etc.

Increase in the number of network connections and volumes of corporate data will lead to increased demand for management of distributed data centers, it is believed at Gartner. Trend in recent years, according to which many large enterprises have sought to centralize its operations with the data center will change to reverse.

The development of the Internet will lead to a substantial increase in the input streams of data that will come from globally distributed sources. Transfer of the variety of these data in a single place for further processing virtually unrealizable due to technical and economic constraints. Recent trends centralizing applications in order to reduce costs and improve security are incompatible with the Internet.

Attempts to present the incoming streams of data in a uniform allocation of resources in conditions of new architectures pose in front of the data center staff are not easy tasks, generating a lot of questions related to the management of data. In business there is a need in the electoral information to store the data in best security as all the collected data is too expensive.



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