Compare Audiences Of Social Networks


In this article I will try to present you with information on size of the traffic you are losing every day, because we simply neglect the targeted audience on social networks. Talking on “neglecting the audience”, I don’t say that you do not use them at all, probably every one of us uses them even on the smallest level. We cannot expect that broadcasting an articles on the Twitter account will generate an endless stream of traffic on our internet project but the audience on social networks can help you in promoting your project and at the same time revitalize your website with more traffic.

Twitter – A great social network, which gives us an opportunity to quietly build audience, and even help in indexing the pages of your web-site instantly. In this social network, most visitors come for entertainment and recreation than for serious study, it is more appropriate for fun or philosophical quotes, funny stories and brief new items – that’s what interests the users of the network who use Twitter. You cannot expect that people on social networks will read the huge and boring articles, you need to offer such content to the users that will be a fun and interesting for them.

Facebook – Is a huge social network, but it has its flaws. First, a substantial part of it has a relatively young age, and still associated with this low ability to pay, so you cannot expect that such guests on your website will be able to enrich you sufficiently. The second drawback is that, most of its users come to the social network so thoughtlessly and judiciously spend time and find something new.

In general, these disadvantages can easily send to the pros in order to achieve the desired result, quite know what to present to the audience. A giant plus, which overshadows all defects – is the size of the visitors who have every chance to bring you income. With due diligence, you have the ability to reach tens of thousands of visitors here.

LinkedIn – Considered to be the optimal choice for those users who intends to increase the number of professional contacts. It turns out the number of people using this social network is much more than a contact, along with that of their age and addiction is much more suited to us, because we actually have what they offer, and unflinchingly Be creative, be clustered in a given social network and develop it further growth.


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