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Future of Big Data in Global Markets

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service, which was founded in December 2002 and is mainly serves as professional networking. LinkedIn has been using Big Data to develop following product offerings- 1. People You May Know This feature of LinkedIn reminds the users with the suggestions about other users present at LinkedIn who wish they… Read More »


5 Basic Social Networks For Your Business

Social networks have become a fundamental tool for the performance of each company, either by the strategies of marketing we can promote through them, or for any other reason or business area we can strengthen through these media, here are five basic social media to use for building your business. The following are the five… Read More »


Big Data And Data Scientists

The Big Data subject begins to draw attention. Several studies and surveys show that many companies are beginning to implement initiatives in this area. Some studies, including one recently conducted by Deloitte indicates that this trend is only in early stages of development and estimated that fewer than 50 major projects (From 10 Petabytes) are… Read More »