Companies Dictate Behavior On Social Networks

Behavior-On-Social-NetworksWhen social networks got popularized in the middle of the last decade, they have brought a new world to users of the internet. Soon, we saw that through these tools, we could not only keep in touch with family, colleagues, friends and relatives, but we can meet new people and as well as stay on top of topics of interest. Undoubtedly, social networks have revolutionized the contemporary world – just see that they had a major role in the revolutions that have occurred recently around the world – but, on the one hand they have brought countless possibilities for other who added more step in a long dreamed financial stability and employment. This is not an apocalyptic future, but pure reality: companies and agencies are checking selection, yes, the profiles of the candidates on social networks at the time of applying for a job interview.

The issue is not new and has already garnered controversy, when companies started asking for the login details of Facebook of candidates for job openings. Although the practice is ethically debatable, the fact is that this trend has already arrived in a couple of countries and although many people are hired through these tools, many also lose good chances for them.

Although the government and the media say that we are one of the largest economy in the world, but the the fact is that, getting a good job in our country is a challenge and almost impossible for a lot of people. Moreover, despite the discourse of accepting and respecting differences is currently in vogue, it is known fact that atheists, disabled people, people with lots of tattoos and men with earrings and long hair already, by default, are almost out of infamous labor market. If, previously, companies did a job interview and if selected, there is a probationary period to confirm that the information provided in the resume is true, this task now falls to social networks.

No more “hype” for your photos, posts, communities, comments and other interactions on these sites betray their true personality and, therefore, whoever enters into any business, needs to take some care in these virtual environments.

The utmost care is with the photos posted. Of course, photos with friends and family are counted positively, but the hype and busted can set whether or not to trash your resume.

Many people like to party, and in such event, there are usually exaggerations. Photos holding several bottles or glasses of alcoholic beverages may leave the impression that you are irresponsible and therefore should not be hired.

But the pictures are far from the only obstacle. The communities in which you participate or the people you follow can be a weapon in your favor or against you. For example: if you’re looking for a job as a technician in Computing, following profiles or communities to be related to the subject, as companies of processors specialized websites or software developers will show that you really have an interest and is interested in the subject and therefore, may be a great professional. Now, communities and profiles like “I hate waking up early”, “I love weekend” and the like should be avoided because they complain that you are not really committed to the work.

Special attention should be given by young people, especially those who are coming out of high school or a technical course, know that currently many schools are made by famous trams or gangs and many teens enter these groups to win the attention and respect of their social group. Join a community of these, however, is a statement of disapproval because some company hires marginal. Simple as that.

Another critical directed staff newest regards. Of course anyone is free to commit small and forgivable typos, spelling or agreement, but the fact is that increasingly we see in forums and communities, real atrocities language, writing “I” or say these two “pop” in order to install. Companies do not hire illiterate people who do not understand that.

Discussions with different ideas are healthy, but you should avoid as much part of the so called “flame wars”. Discussions of the type “Windows or Linux”, “Android or iOS”, “Intel or AMD”, “Dedicated Servers or Cloud Services”, “God exists or Not” and others of the genre, in general, tend to have hundreds and thousands of posts that rarely come to a conclusion about serious subject, in addition to receiving heated opinions. Participation in a discussion of such topics shows that you are unable to accept opinions that differ from yours, ie, your resume will be increasingly close to the trash.

Who is already employed must redouble care, especially with regard to disclosure of the work environment. The atmosphere of informality offered by the networks may induce us to review what we are working on a project that has not yet been released – and because of that, may be endorsed by the competition. Your updates are also important: someone who frequently updates profile on social networks can give the impression that it is done during the workday.

But often. The candidate is dismissed even before the resume is read – and this happens a lot in the IT field. With this, it is necessary to maintain a certain posture on social networks and forums that you participate, after all, your profile is your business card and many people may be looking at it now.


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