Use these Five Tips to Boost your Twitter Following

If you are into social media marketing or want to leverage social networks for your business then you cannot ignore Twitter. Twitter is one of the top social networks with more than 500 million active users. And there are about 400 million tweets sent per day. Twitter should be a part of your social network campaign.

Boost Twitter followers

Having a good response from your Twitter account depends largely on the number of followers you have. Here are five quick tips to increase your Twitter presence and get lots of followers:

Tweet consistently

No one is going to find your profile and simply start following you unless you increase you presence. The more active you are the higher the chances of someone following you. Your tweets show on the timeline and you boost your chances of getting more followers by tweeting more often.

If you simply tweet useless things then there are chances that someone may unfollow you. Your tweets should be informative and limited to some extent so that the follower has the chance to respond to it. This provides you more exposure and gets your tweets noticed.

Start a conversation

By replying to others tweet’s you expose yourself to their followers as well. If you comment something useful which could inspire or educate others then you have a chance of getting new followers. Ask more question so that you have a chance to further the conversation.

You should talk about something that would be of interest to yours followers as well as others. However, do not say anything that offends someone or hurts their sentiments.

Keep on getting into conversations and get noticed and acknowledged as someone who what they speak about.

Use all channels

You must be having presence on various other social networks and also your own website has social buttons. You can sync your Facebook account to automatically pull tweets from your twitter account.

Apart from other networks you can mention your Twitter account anywhere you post something be it your own blog or a guest post. You can add you Twitter ID in the author bio which would make it possible for the readers to follow you.

Time your tweets well

An important thing to remember is when to tweet. If you tweet something at a time when very few people are online then you reduce your chances of getting noticed. Instead you should tweet mostly when there are maximum users online which is usually during night time.

If majority of your followers are from a different timezone then you need to tweet according to their time schedule. If it is not possible for you to tweet at certain times then you can use a tweet scheduling service which would publish tweets on your behalf at your specified time.

Deliver Value

Mostly people tweet about their personal likings and interests and these at times are not what others want. If you are interested in getting huge amount of followers then you need to focus on providing value to your followers. You need to think from their point of view and share things which they would like to know about or things they can relate to. Ex: An occasional joke or quote does not harm either.

You can share personal thing but to a limited extent and monitor whatever you tweet so you do not say something that may hurt later.

These tips are not the only ways in which you can boost your following on Twitter. You can also do something that works for your users. Remember it is all about providing value to the people. If people find your tweets valuable then they would follow you happily.

So get Tweeting and start inspiring!

Naresh Puro

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