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Social Media is just getting popular and favorite day by day. As per a research center, 72% of adults use social networking sites and social media to access and publish information. Meaning of social Media can be gained just by separating the two words, Social means public and Media means communication hence Social media is a public platform for communicating and sharing information amongst friends, family or colleagues online. Social Media is gaining its significance in each and every field right from a small firm to big organizations.

From a business point of view, Social media offers a better opportunity to gain new customers. This is when Social Media marketing comes into the picture, various organizations are using social media as a key component of their marketing strategy. Social Media marketing is done using social media channels like – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest,Tumbler and multiple networking sites. Blogs and forums also play animportant role as it is used to discuss certain topics.As huge audience is available online, company can reach out to potential customers, which will help in building opinion and discussion about their product and services with the help of the people who are interested as well with the existing clients of the company.

Social Media Marketing benefits in accumulating Website traffic, Brand awareness, Sales tracking, Page views and business development. All this can be done with the help of various following Platforms:

Blogs: Blog refers to a web page (website) wherein individuals share their experience, information and opinions. It contains various categories such as personal blogs, corporate blogs, micro blogging, Photo/Video Sharing and Podcasts.Blogging happens to be a very effective method to establish rapport with the prospect and existing customer base.

Forums: Forum is a medium through which people can discuss various topics or can exchange their opinions online. It is a web page where people post their view (message) related to a subject of public interest. Forums include topics related to IT, fitness, health, education, houses, accessories, mobiles and thousands of such other topics.

Social Networking sites: Social networking websites allows individuals and communities having common interest to connect online. Organizations do publicity of their product on social websites where existing as well as prospective customers are available, through feedback organizations and marketers can get a lot of information and data which can be used in product development and for effective customer service.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is an activity which involves creation of free content related to product or service and publishing the content to acquire new customer i.e. to convert a prospect into a customer. Content can be in the form of video, audio, article, photo, news, etc. Youtube, iTunes, Slideshare, Instagram, Tumblr, Podcasts, are some of the examples of content marketing.

Branding: Social Media plays an important role in promoting the brand and advertising. With the help of social media people get connected through social networking sites and forums, where they discuss and share their experiences regarding a product or services of public interest. A good product or a service would result in positive reviews which help in building reputation and brand name of the company. This process of how the reputation and opinions are formed on the Social networks holds the key to building a successful brand promotional strategy on the social web.

Concluding the above, the main objective of Social Media is building business, customer base and to manage reputation of an organization. Social media marketing is a phenomenon which has become so effective that no marketing organization can afford to be absent from, as it continues to grow considering its new platforms gaining popularity.

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  1. Michael

    It is good option to advertise online business through social marketing sites. It will get quick response and result which will help you. Nice post.

  2. Otelia Offutt

    Trend of use of social media is really high in these days. There are so many social media sites, where we can share our thoughts.

  3. William

    I keep reading that Google looks for “trust” a lot more these days than just linkbuilding…. Social media is the path to getting this trust! great article!

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    A great way to boost online presence which works in a most cost effective way online ..thanks for sharing this article !

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