What Are The Trends For 2014 In Online Marketing?

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2014 is already started and now after enjoying the long holiday, the time is to plan our strategy of Online Marketing for the year. In the following article I propose to analyze what are the main regional industry trends for the year. Do not miss!

Take a look at new paradigms that will come in 2014, in the Online Marketing industry, you will determine the best mix for their plan and their actions.

Write everything down there!

The Expanding Mobile Marketing

As said in the couple of previous posts written on our blog, mobile devices (tablets, smartphones and notebooks) will increase more and more in India, take advantage of the broad ground where, there is still a chance to win the region. So marketers should:

  • Refine and target their communication efforts and their offerings to the various channels;
  • Ensuring a strong presence in each of them;
  • Adapt the content in line with the most visual and dynamic characteristics of these devices.

As a result of the development of Mobile Marketing, these are the trends we observe in the different components of our online marketing mix.

The Mobile Application Will Be Wrath

Applications developed for mobile devices continue to expand its boundaries. We are not talking only of WhatsApp and WeChat or mobile versions of Twitter and Facebook. There is a lot of development in these applications on enterprise-level which is a great opportunity to:

  • Get Information From Our Target;
  • Strengthen The Bond Of Our Brand With Our Customers;
  • Generating Sales.

More Visual And Interactive Content

The content published on our sites and blogs should be more dynamic and interactive. In turn, it will be increasingly important to simplify and communicate in a more concrete and visual way so that our messages are passed on to the readers without losing quality.

Note that the screens tend to be smaller each time and span attention of more limited consumers. Within this context, one of the tools that will more and more weight is video marketing.

Video production is not limited merely to publish video content on channels like YouTube or Vimeo, but also involves incorporating audiovisual content pieces as posts on a blog. The main key is to add interactivity, increasing engagement and virality of our content.

SEO: Semantic and Voice Search

In line with the expansion of mobile devices, the latest updates and general changes implemented by Google in their algorithm make us realize that the web giant heard the call of Mobile Marketing.

The dramatic improvement of their voice search technologies and the implementation of so-called semantic search are clear examples. Furthermore, the use of the clue words as search pattern and web positioning follow losing ground.

Social Network: Multiple, Targeted and More Visual

The Social Media Marketing with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is no longer sufficient. Niche social networks and Pinterest, or Instagram, Vine continue to grow, in part due to the development of their mobile applications.

Due to the great power of sharing images and video fast and in attractive way, these networks will increase like never before and the dissemination of content generated by distinct companies will let them build a strong bond between the audience and the brands.

Big Data, Best Deals

The analysis of big data and cloud services can no longer be overlooked. These large volumes of information from our customers will result in a better understanding of their behavior when buying online, this much more dynamic and instinctive, driven by mobile devices for better communication strategies and marketing.

One of the main consequences of the growth of the budgets dedicated to getting this statistical information is the expansion of what we call ad retargeting.

You know what this is?

Basically, from cookies installed at each site, we can track down the clues that audiences will leave in different places. This allows to develop a profile of your tastes and interests. Result: banners and offerings that respond exactly to the profile of the concerned person.

But that’s not the only benefit of Big Data. Soon publish a text to tell more of the subject.

Email marketing

Following in the footsteps of the mobile paradigm, Email Marketing will continue to evolve to adapt to the technological characteristics of mobile devices and the needs of our contacts. We’re talking mainly about 2 trends that will grow significantly during 2014:

Mobile Email Marketing: Templates and content developed specifically for this channel will emerge like never before, allowing us to get closer to our subscribers wherever they are and getting our campaign reach beyond computers and notebooks.

Automated Campaigns: The increasingly detailed access to the activities of our customers on the web will make campaigns sent habitually incorporate as never before in automated campaigns sent in response to a particular decision of our client on our website.

Do not be left out of all that come in email marketing!

Do you know more trends that will be in fashion in 2014? Share your ideas in comment box below and good luck for 2014!


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    these trends are helpful to develop internet marketing.mobile marketing and social networking sites are best way to expands the online marketing region.Thank you.

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