What To Look For In a Web Host ?


There are many companies which provide hosting for small as well as big business. How would you decide which company is best for you? You can follow these rules while choosing your winner.

1) Backups – Daily basis: Please look for this option keeping your eyes open while choosing a web host. This service should be provided free of charge.

2) Uptime : Uptime percentage should be 99.5 %. Online business is very sensitive, you never know when your customer is looking for you. So you should be there 24×7 ready for them. So a small business hosting should be reliable.

3) Speed: Customers are seriously worried about speed, so you should be very keen of how fast the servers are. Usually when server is shared by many other sites, server may get bogged down. Bandwidth is a major factor in this.

Processor speed is also a very important. Video, Audio Streaming, Disscussion forum, message boards, online surveys all require a large amount of memory and a good access speed

4) Technical Support : We all know nobody can run away from problems, they arrive anytime, anywhere without invitation. So we should be pretty sure about the technical team that is going to encounter these problems. Just make sure the technical support team is available 24×7.

5) Security : Protecting your data from unwanted intrusion and malwares is a basic need when your site is up. Please make sure your budget dedicated servers webhost does outline security protocols. We all know hacking and cracking the site has become famous these days. We should be prepared to prevent our site.

6) Money Back Guarantee :  Having such option is important. When things do wrong , infact worse and you are help less this option can get you some relief .

It takes month to find a customer and takes second to loose one. So please consider the points outlined above and make sure you are on the right way of find you success partner.



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