IaaS: I have a web application but I don’t have a host for it


This blog will be of immense interest for the young minds who are interested in development of an application and then publishing it to the outer world or to make use of the application anywhere and everywhere. Some small and developing businesses who and into software development domain also have the same requirement where they have a software but don’t have a powerful infrastructure to host it and maintain it.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a business model which encourages the users to access the infrastructure resources or computing resources in a virtual environment. This environment offers resources such as virtual servers, load balancers, space, IP addresses, bandwidth and network connections. IaaS model distributes the resources through various data centers.

IaaS providers are responsible for maintaining the entire infrastructure to facilitate the users. Clients access these virtual resources to develop their web applications and other IT platforms. This model is very cost effective for developing IT companies and enables them to leverage the robust infrastructure at nominal charges without the burden of maintaining the hardware required for IT solutions. A client does not have to worry about cost involved in maintaining the infrastructure which they use sparingly or not very often.

IaaS providers also offer internal networks such as virtual networks and private clouds, clouds can be used to store business data and also enables to run applications required for business operation. The IaaS model uses the concept of pooled resources, which are exposed to the external world through physical servers or data centers. The computing capabilities are distributed and managed uniformly through the data centers. Using any infrastructure as a service is always beneficial as it eliminates the wastage of resources because one can always opt for more when required. Lot of small businesses are moving to IaaS model as this is a very cost effective alternative for cost cuttings for evolving businesses.

Using any service be it SaaS or IaaS raises serious security concerns as the business critical information is shared with other business offering the service. IaaS is very secure as the subscriber gets a security protocol that they use to access the infrastructure. IaaS also offers free of cost disaster recovery in case of flooding, theft and fire because most of the infrastructure resources are virtual and are easy to recover and maintain.

Infrastructure as a service encourages small IT businesses and helps in development of national economy.


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