Cloud-Based CRM Is a Smart Move?


Many companies have decided to move their web-based platforms and applications to the cloud. The term cloud computing has become so popular that even those who do not know what it means but have at least heard about it. Despite that popularity, while many companies are comfortable moving their web presence to the cloud, they may still be reluctant to move internal applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) software.

It’s a smart move to use cloud hosting software-Based CRM?

Cloud vendors obviously respond with a resounding yes. They say it will save your money, eliminate the need for high power servers and infrastructure, and also allow you to reduce the amount of time the technology team have to spend maintaining it. Moreover, everyone in your company will have access to the CRM system whenever and wherever needed.

Those who oppose it, sure would be thinking about the security of their applications and not giving them in the hands of a third party vendor or one of its partners hosting sites. You will also be required to have an Internet connection anytime you need to use CRM software. And you will be tied into a subscription price for as long as you continue to use the software and may not be able to migrate easily, if you want or need a change.

Ultimately, the decision you make will be based on economic, technical and business process-related factors. If your company cannot simply afford to buy the necessary equipment to run the CRM software at home, the cloud may be your only option. On the other hand, if you have all the infrastructure in place and maybe even want to maintain your own version of an open source CRM system, an on-premise or hosted solution may be best for you.



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