The Factors That Affect The SEO Of Your Site

Personally I’m not an SEO expert, but like all operations of websites, online activity is part of my job. One of my colleagues informed me about this topic and I was trying to figure out how best to invest for greater indexing. I must say that for a while, SEO experts have lost the plot and are at the mercy of the constant changes of “mood” of Google, with its update, which can send anyone “out of business” really in upcoming time.

This morning, I read the report about the SearchMetrics, trying to understand what are actually the factors that influence indexing of a site, and the result seems a bit ‘risky’. In short:

At least according to the research, these are the three factors that most influence the rankings on Google today. What can I say? Facebook is undoubtedly a tool that can bring traffic, in our blog statistics, Facebook is still at the first position to bring visitors every day, the number of backlinks is a fairly common metric and bright, but once again it is less than the number of Tweet.

Well, having a good activity on social networks seems to be the key to success in SEO of many portals, which invest literally thousands and lakhs of rupees in the strategy of “social networking”, I am a bit confused. Consideration to these aspects: Google should be giving more importance to the pages or links in social networks that turns out to be more interesting and therefore the value of content. But I do not think it fits unquestionably to all content types.

Twitter is another tool that, according to SEO experts, has a strong bearing on SERPs, but it is easy to see why, not by chance, the application of authorship (which I recommend for your blog or site) was even more simplified.

Honestly I do not think that Facebook is suitable for all types of content, there seem to be issues that the people of this social network do not digest, and in particular those highly technical posts do not have great success rather different story for that. Twitter is a great channel to publish even more specific content. However, my concern about the impossibility to figure out exactly what Google is willing to consider to get us in the position of pages remains the same, perhaps too many changes and too little public clarity.

What do you think?


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