Google+ vs. Facebook: Which is better for business?

Since Google opened up the business to create pages on Google+ two weeks ago, they have started to provide basic tools for companies to enter this network. While industry analysts believe that Google+ Pages can find a profitable niche in the world of social networks among business users, for now there is a perception that Facebook could overtake Google+ when it comes to providing businesses with a place to reach the hearts of customers.

For now, there is a list of features that Google+ pages does not count, including the ability for companies to offer promotions or coupons, as well as the POSSIBILITY of hosting contests or sweepstakes. Companies in Google+ pages also cannot sell products. Many of these features are available on Facebook and now the users want them on Google+ Pages.

In July, shortly after Google has allowed the creation of pages in Google+, Facebook launched Facebook for Business which is basically a guide to assist businesses to use Facebook features targeted for business, social plug-ins and ads. Facebook has made it clear that they wanted to lure companies and took advantage of the delay in the launch of Google+ Pages. Now, months later, analysts say that it is clear that Google+ is yet to be mature.

Right now, Facebook has a more complete offer, but all this could change quickly. Google and Facebook are not exclusive choices. Many companies have a blog and a Twitter and a Facebook page. Now, they will add a page in Google+.

Many companies are entered into the world of social networking and see the audience of Google with good eyes. If Google add processes to improve the solution, it will be really useful and valuable for companies.

But first, need to address the problems that users have noticed recently. There are some real limitations on pages that make it harder for companies to use the solution the way they want. This condition can significantly reduce the adoption. For example, only one person can manage the account, so either the individual will be responsible for the company’s site or you have to share the login and password with multiple people. This is not recommended.

In considering these points, Facebook has an advantage when it comes to social network aligned with the business. But Google will need to work on changing that. On the other hand, no tool is “everything to everybody. In recent weeks, Google said that it was exactly the idea which is going forward .

The CEO of Google, Larry Page said that he wants to “transform” the company, integrating its various services with Google+. Google has taken a huge step in this direction by integrating the Google+ with Google Apps, a suite of cloud-based enterprise applications.


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