The Era Of Mobile E-commerce In Web Hosting

We are working on a new version of our portals, with many new features (behind the scenes), and in the initial stages of discussion and meeting between us to understand how it work. We decided to focus a lot on the mobile. Or on navigable sites from smartphones and tablets. For one simple reason, the statistics tells us that more and more people reach us from a mobile phone and not from a PC.

We are not alone, but it is part of an international trend completely. Fred Wilson, a venture capitalist (and author) of one of my favorite books, now devotes at least one article per week to the evolution of mobile and point out that there are numbers you cannot now ignore in any way. For example, last year said that PayPal and eBay will exceed 10 billion in revenue generated by transactions via smartphones, which is pretty true.

But if we look in other directions, we see that here the first thing that crumble is: Essentially the Mobile was somewhat different, though until a few years ago it was a philosophy that would serve adaptation for smartphones of their products online, now I realize that this is being already provided online,  must be totally rethought.  There is a change in the size of the screens, the psychology of users (with a target that is often not the same as browsing from a PC), and especially changing modes of use. The click of the mouse disappears and the interface must become as simple as possible. E-commerce, from coupon services and many others, is what currently can grow more, because purchases by phone are easy, they are fast and the very fact of being able to carry on in few steps makes this thing stimulate sales.

I often wonder how it changes, however, the purchase of services from mobile,  that are not consumer goods. Let me give an example: the other day I bought a travel insurance online, on iPad. I have not had any problems, I am not even bothered to see if the site was optimized for the iPad, the browser makes the best 90% of websites. Then, after completing all I’ve tried, for the sake, I saw it on the iPhone. A disaster… No optimized version, probably starting with this device I would never have completed the purchase.

For online services, and therefore also for the domain name registration and web hosting, what changes? Hard to say, I have no data at hand, nor I found, I think they are very few in number today to register domains and buy hosting services from mobile. Why? The reason is that between the Indian sites visited, as well as some international, almost no one has a specific application nor an optimized version. In India, I understand that we will need to develop an app for smartphones that will allow you to register domains directly from smartphones, while others have not seen any of that.

I want to understand if there are companies that are developing in this direction and at the same time it could (and how) change the experience of buyingWeb Hosting and dedicated server hosting in India from mobile..


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  1. Apple Service Center

    Over the years, the e-commerce segment of the web hosting industry has grown by leaps and bounds. The reason for this growth? The growing number of businesses that have come to recognize the huge potential in selling products and services online.

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