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Why Should You Focus on Mobile-First Digital Transformation

‘Mobile-First’ is the term that is changing and prevailing in the businesses now. The term is itself precise about what it represents. ‘Mobile-First’ means while designing your website, you have to first think of how good it looks on mobile devices. The design should be liquid to flow and adapt to the various screen sizes.… Read More »


3 Tools That Changed The Hosting Industry: SaaS, Cloud Computing And Mobile

For some time, I found myself thinking that the world of web hosting needs to change something profoundly: The web is changing and so is changing the delivery of services online, whether they be web hosting services or whether services that can be outsourced, as are today SaaS, from CRM to manage e-mail to millions… Read More »


Personal Cloud Will Replace PC In Future?

The reign of the personal computer as the main element of access to technology seems to be moving more quickly to its end. According to the research, the phenomenon of consumerization, the virtualization and the emergence of mobile devices should condemn the traditional PC environments and materialize the platform through smartphones and in particular the… Read More »