Updated Data On The Growth Of The Internet In India


The internet is one of the fastest growing media in today’s India and the world, everyone knows. But even living in this digital age, many business owners are still close to this online world and do not want to believe that having a digital presence today, it is absolutely necessary.

Therefore, we have compiled some data on the current growth of the Internet in India, to help you convince that customer basis with more resistant to digital.

A survey showed how technology in India is becoming more democratic. The latest survey showed that Indians with low-income are also connected to the Internet and the number is growing at a rapid pace.

The number of Internet users in India is expected to triple by 2016.

The higher growth of internet access in the last six years, the Indians were above 50 years.

Today we have 160 million Indian browsing on computers and laptops using cloud based solutions to store their important data.

And we cannot forget the phones, which are already part of the lives of nearly 70% of Indians, highlighting women who have surpassed men in the mobility.

Be on the computer, tablets, smartphones, internet cafes or even at community centers installed in low-income communities, the internet is there, and we can not escape it. And companies that are not inserted in the middle with a good online presence, surely you are losing market share.

We will now help that number grow…


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