Want To Build A Website Or A Blog But Don’t Know How To?


You want to make a website ?

Here you can learn everything you need to create your website.

No need to buy books or manuals. All the steps that you’ll need to understand are explained here.

What You Need To Start Making Website

There are two basic steps to make a website:

1) Register a domain name (for the address, eg. website.com or website.co.in , etc..).
2) Hosting Service (a server where you will put the pages of your site).

But before we start creating a website, you must define the type of website you want and choose the best domain hosting service for your needs.

Want to make a Website or want to make a Blog?

Do not know the difference between the two? Cannot decide which one to choose, or if you need both? Consider:

The Free Blog may have the advantage of being easier and faster to get to work. Just go to blogspot.com or wordpress.com, register, choose a template, launch the text, a photo / image, and you’re done! The blog is done in seconds! You do not need to know any programming or HTML.

But you cannot put the website online quickly. You have to get a domain, hosting and a good program for creating sites (tool that can be provided by the dedicated hosting service, or we can buy the software – as is the case for example of Dreamweaver ).

A Blog is better if you have a topic about which you will talk often. When people like the blog, subscribe to it. People subscribe to a blog by subscribing your feed, which means that they are waiting for the blog update and the blog should be updated quite regularly. The latest content is placed at the top of the page indicating the date it was published. If the blog is not updated as frequently, you start losing readers.

With sites there is a pressure of having them constantly updated. We make websites with themes and content that does not easily become outdated, and remain useful for long time.

But attention both Blogs and Sites require work, especially if you want to achieve traffic levels that lets you earn money online.

At an early stage, especially for those who are just beginning to learn how to make a website, it is advisable to start with a website and a blog simultaneously. It is best to choose which one to do. The Site, or a Blog.

Website Planning:

It is essential to take time to plan your site before you start your actual construction. This aspect of planning is especially important if you intend to make money with your website.

Opt for a free service?

The one who does not want to take the matter very seriously can choose to create a free website.

I did it once but I’ll never repeat that mistake again.

What I did was, I installed some free sites on a server that allowed me to use ASP files. Had to make some changes in the script which finally worked for me. Everything went well with the sites that came up to get a considerable amount of visits, each. A few months later advertisements and banners began appearing on all my pages. I decided to get them out of my sites. But I lost the access to panel file management of sites. I complained but never received an answer.

The problem is that, when we choose a free service we’re actually limiting the potential of the site and even jeopardize our future. Unfortunately what happened to me is not uncommon. The site occasionally went down and was mostly unavailable on these free servers. Service simply ends without any intimation or warning, eventually lose all the time and work you committed to that site.

Can Internet do something for you?

Can…  Yes but How?

With some dedication if you follow the tips, you will find a lot of solutions.

Make Money with Affiliate Programs

This is a way to make money on that when recommending products on your site from other sites, you shall then receive a commission.
There are platforms on which you can subscribe, which will have access to various affiliate programs that will allow you to earn money.


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