Why Worry About MultiCloud?


A new buzzword, wrapped an old problem in new technology. The use of cloud-based platforms continues to evolve into more complex forms. Why? The business world now demands a combination of many of the best services available in the cloud to create the optimal solution. The answer is the new concept called MultiCloud or Multiple Cloud.

What is MultiCloud? It is more complex than a hybrid cloud, which is typically a pairing of private and public cloud solutions. Multicloud adds more clouds to the mix, maybe two or more suppliers of IaaS public a PaaS private security systems and management of on-demand public clouds, accounting payment for private use … this is the idea.

This is where we have been in recent years, forming solutions from a confusing array of services in cloud computing, public and private. This is similar to when we come to develop internal systems distributed in the past: we integrate different technologies to create a management system that meets our precise requirements. This is not different than using cloud-based technologies.

Why worry about all this? Better not get too much into the buzzword “MultiCloud”. The key is the architecture of cloud computing, which typically incorporates multiple providers of public and private cloud. These days there are few projects that incorporate only one or two providers or cloud computing technologies.

In this MultiCloud, we must always consider these concepts:

  • The MultiClouds require much more detailed safety and management, given its complexity and distribution.
  • The MultiClouds may have adjustment problems, taking into account the number of moving parts.
  • The MultiClouds added value only if we choose appropriate providers, both on demand and private, to meet our requirements.

It is important to remember the lessons learned when we integrate complex distributed systems. We need to understand that integration brings complexity, and it must be managed, there is no substitute for management of architecture and planning. To have a disciplined vision of “MultiCloud”, it is always best to get done from cloud hosting companies who directs and controls the entire process.



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