Hybrid Cloud

For Your Scalable Web Applications coupled with Dedicated High Performance Databases

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Leverage the power of dedicated hosting with the flexibility of cloud computing

eNlight's Hybrid Cloud Computing gives you the speed and scalability of a public cloud, strengthens you with the security and authority of a private cloud and at the same time, ultra-fast performance of Dedicated Servers. This is because we just push the "blend & bond" button to give you a special mix of compute resources for your business.

Get Only the Best Out of Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Dedicated Servers

  • Benefit from Public Cloud

    Benefit from Public Cloud

    • Auto Scaling for Usage Spikes
    • Pay-as-you consume
    • Unlimited Resources
    • Realtime Workload Distribution
  • Benefit from Private Cloud

    Benefit from Private Cloud

    • Intense Security with Auto Scaling
    • Greater Controls & Authority
    • Custom Hardware and Network
    • High Availability
  • Benefit from Dedicated Servers

    Benefit from Dedicated Servers

    • Ultra High Performance
    • Dedicated Databases for High Performances
    • Custom Configurations

Combine, Construct, Configure and Control Your Hybrid Cloud

Strategy & Guidance for Implementing Hybrid Cloud

  • Discuss - We discuss about your exclusive needs for a righteous hybrid
  • Analyze - Our versatile system and network administrators analyze your hybrid pointers
  • Implement - For custom-creation, best combination of hardware and software compute resources go into their configuration and installation phase
  • Manage - Exuberant Support leads to efficient management. Also, paired with Auto-management tool – eMagic, derive the best server outcomes in business
strategy guidance
Auto Scaling

Achieve Auto Scaling for Usage Spikes

  • We enable Auto Scaling, when traffic or demand of compute resources spikes. So, you move seamlessly.
  • An encrypted cloud network ring is created around your VM to ensure that rich security is maintained while auto scaling takes place
  • High throughputs result from ultra-fast network speed, raising server performance
  • Proves to be cost-effective, as you pay only for extra compute resources whenever required.

High Availability and Inter-operability

  • Set a state of equilibrium, no matter how much the load scales when the demand increases or the traffic spikes
  • Continue to run applications and databases with high speed as the dedicated load balancers even out the traffic on servers
  • Cisco Firewalls for better security streamlining
  • A choice of Hypervisors from eNlight to VMware to Hyper-V
Dedicated Load Balancers and Firewall
Redundant Storage

High Performance through hybrid Cloud

  • High Performance Dedicated Servers
  • Redundancy and high performance with storage controllers
  • Choice of Storage from SATA to SAN to iSCSI and more
  • Provision of Private storage eg. iSCSI Storage for fast performance
  • Speed provisioning, reliability and reduced storage management costs

We understand hybrid cloud architecture in-depth and that's how we claim to create a true match enterprise hybrid for you.

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