Waning of spamming

Waning of spamming

Have you ever wondered in our day to day life? How many of your emails you receive on a daily basis are legitimate and how many of them are irrelevant 2008 was considered to be the heyday of spamming almost 80% of the global email traffic was spam. But as per the recent study by Kaspersky labs spams have seen a massive downfall since then. In the first quarter of 2015, the proportion of spam in email traffic was almost 60%, which is 6% points lower than in the previous quarter.

During the early days of the internet, it was difficult to identify spam emails. Email technology was new and so was cyber-crime even webzines assumed that all emails were legitimate. Bill gates himself mentioned that spamming commenced during early 2000 and it reached to its verge during 2008.

Three reasons why spamming has seen a downturn

Extensive spam filters:

We ourselves have wizened up to know about spamming techniques. We can now determine when an email or inbox seems suspicious on top of it webmail providers have become more intelligent, features like spam filters help us to index emails which are suspicious and are blocked and redirected to the spam folders directly before they reach their destinations.

Evolving technologies:

Due to evolution in technology phishing via emails and spamming has been reduced to a considerable amount. This was difficult in the early days as the technology was not up to the mark. But today emails technology has reached maturity and its all the more secured systems have never been so intelligent before they can now identify and block spams in transit before reaching its destination.

Anti-spamming legislation:

All the organizations have been governed by a set of protocols and a certain set of standards in order to prevent extensive spamming. All emails must follow a set of criteria’s in order to avoid being marked as spam. Being marked as spam is a major setback for any organization as it can eventually have a major impact on their reputations and business may get hampered.

 Reduction in spam is a certain cause of celebration.  Though we yet have to go a long way for complete spam extinction. Decline in fraudulent and malicious emails is a good thing and a sign that we are heading towards a safer world of internet that we can rely on.

Concluding it, every business must adopt and follow all the guidelines and make sure your business campaigns aren’t considered as a nuisance or harmful. Email channels are an asset if implemented in a right way and also has bad side if not executed in a proper way. Once your emails are blacklisted it’s very difficult to redeem your reputation.

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