Technology : A Game Changer in Rio Olympics 2016!

In this Olympic season world will see the most innovative technology is been used in Games. From sensors that allow fans to monitor athletes’ heart rates in real time, to lap counters at the bottom of swimming lanes. Also an innovative cloud technology will be used for player’s medical care as well. What’s even more interesting is the way cloud technology is revolutionizing the way athletes eat, sleep, and train to improve their overall health, eliminate injury, and achieve optimum performance.

In 2016 Rio Olympic world is going to use the technology innovation in areas such as virtual reality, big data revolution, advances in cloud computing technology improvement in connectivity the proliferation of internet of things and payment innovation. So for the first time in history of Olympics the games will be using cloud technology to manage its IT services and other operational activities. Main systems include sports qualification, HR activities volunteer support and medical support will be delved via cloud technology.

The total IT budget for Rio 2016 is $1.5 billion but this time, all systems related to management of the Game from HR to sports entries and qualifications are in the cloud, reducing the number of servers from 1,000 to 250.

How Rio Olympics is surrounded by Technology:

In Rio Sensor systems are being used in nearly every sport so that in-venue spectators, viewers and supporters can judge for themselves whether the athletes are higher faster and stronger than before. This includes everything from smallest measurements for archery and shooting competitions, laser findings for golf, intelligent nets for volleyball and real-time measurements for coaches and trainers.

The City of Rio is using IoT is to help to transform the Porto Maravilha region into an innovative and creative industry hub by turning the entire area into a living lab. 15 smart services are already up and running allowing citizens and visitors to connect and engage more with the smarter city.

At Rio 2016 Big Data and Data Analytics will be at the heart of 19 days of impressive achievements across 42 sport disciplines in 306 events. Vast real time data will be generated across athletics, Cycling, Diving, Golf, Rowing, Tennis and other events in fact, providing detailed insights into how athletes are performing against their opponents. Data Analytics has been used to target training, limit risk of injury, understand boundaries, predict trends and select the right teams.

The Opening and Closing ceremonies will be broadcast in UHD Virtual Reality, allowing viewers across the globe to use VR Headset and experience these events from virtual seats inside the stadium.

As the official partners of the game Visa and Brazilian bank Bradesco have launched ‘contactless bracelets’ enabling visitors of the game to pay for goods and services that they want with just show of their band. These bracelets use Near Field Communications (NFC) technology and will be compatible with all 4,000 payment terminals at venues throughout the Games.

One of the biggest fears of all athletes is to fall a victim to a last minute injury. So in this Olympic cloud-based version of GE Healthcare’s Centricity Practice Solutions (CPS) as the official electronic medical records (EMR) keeper is been used for medical purpose. Moving these records into the cloud eliminates the need to transferring papers around the globe in order to monitor athletes’ health. So in this way all information will be on the cloud which is more practical, safer and much more efficient.

From the demonstration of tech innovation present at the Olympic Games, it is clear that Rio will satisfy one of the Olympics three core values, which is that of ‘Excellence’. 

Source :www.ascent.atos.net, www.techuk.org

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