The Survival Story of Badal Singh’s Heaven Enterprises

Don’t I look carefree when you look at me? But, I didn’t always look so jovial!

Before we talk anything about my Bollywood style survival story, let me introduce myself, my name is Badal Singh, and I am the owner of ‘Heaven Enterprises’ which is situated in Noida, where we manufacture premium paper for big industries for bulk orders

Like any other business, my enterprise too requires high-end technology for efficient operation. I didn’t think much on IT, and I never realised it was silently burning a hole in my pocket!
I was going through some tough times while being unable to do something to save my business. Like many entrepreneurs, I never believed that serious contemplation on IT could be beneficial for my business

A year back on a sunny afternoon, I discussed with my childhood friend Amarjeet, and he was the first person to point out something like migration to the cloud. He suggested me to quit using my in-house IT infrastructure and move to choose the cloud technology

I was pretty hesitant about ‘Cloud computing’ because when I heard about it, I had to question, can they really fly now? And then am I able to migrate to the cloud when the skies have been so evident lately? Very soon I realised I belong to the 40% population who think cloud computing has really got something to do with the clouds in the sky; I know now how ridiculous that sounds

Before the cloud journey, I had my own in-house IT infrastructure where I had to incur substantial capital expenses like expensive servers, hiring admins and paying enormous bills for the bandwidth and storage I didn’t even use which was basically boondoggled. Have a look at what I literally had to go through:

But as they say, the darkest nights create the brightest stars; something similar happened to me when Amarjeet persuaded me consistently, and I had to move my workload on the cloud. To be honest, I was very much apprehensive during initial few months but slowly I got back my old lost smile

The transition over these past few months have been smooth, and now I have already started to experience reduced IT costs because I no longer need to manage or monitor my IT systems, I can easily scale my business based on the workload rather than upgrading to expensive IT. Regular backups ensure optimum data protection which my cloud service provider takes care of efficiently

Two years ago I couldn’t imagine myself trusting cloud technology but this journey has been life-changing, and it has affected my business in the most effective way possible and also made my life much more comfortable. I know I lost my humour while speaking about my transition to the cloud but let’s face it, you don’t kid around when you have loads of money on stake

Anyhow, my point is, when it comes to your profession; always follow the best practices to ensure a healthy business today and tomorrow. As a child my mother always used to say that I had my head in the clouds which means I was apparently way ahead of the time and hence I intend to stay that way because the Cloud is the future

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental

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