Bringing The Cloud Storage to Small and Large Enterprises

Storage is definitely the most complicated and costly to manage for all businesses and it is clear that a cloud approach and use of sustainable infrastructure is essential to prepare for future developments and the exponential growth of data, while remaining flexible and avoiding high costs for infrastructure.

Small and medium enterprises trust again the new technologies and cloud services, but this is rapidly changing and employers must be educated about the benefits of cloud computing and security guarantee provided by these services . The false fears derived from this innovation should not preclude the possibility of saving, making your company more competitive.

From the perspective of the end user of online storage services, it is increasingly necessary to manage documents while on the move, this is evident if we think about the success of companies worldwide, with a simple application that stores data on eMagic, which has definitely revolutionized the use of cloud storage and increased the volume of private data that today can handle everything online.

Even in India, you can take advantage of cloud computing services that are very advanced, without the need to send data over the ocean, with very low cost and high reliability, missing only the confidence and awareness in the marketplace. I am thinking above all developers and small IT companies that could easily take advantage of a technical infrastructure on the cloud that can easily let it grow without too much investment in hardware, which is likely to be changed in every 2-3 years if purchased through common channels.

From photo sharing to streaming, from social networking to create applications for smartphones, there are now dozens of possible services that are being able to take advantage of a flexible storage, low-cost, high performance.

Many Indian ISPs have already prepared or are preparing to offer cloud computing services like this and it’s up to them now to offer cloud storage with more efficient and competitive services so as to remove barriers in culture which have limited use so far.


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