How Cloud Platforms Can Enhance Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is the most significant achievement when businesses successfully serve customers. According to me, this is the only thing that matters when a specific business aims of achieving a big chunk of market share and a happy & loyal clientele. There are services out there which fall in the premium category but end by neglecting the customer’s basic needs by failing to satisfy them after the price they have paid for it. Customer experience or customer satisfaction is an essential element for an organisation’s bright future because it shows the quality of services being provided, customer’s fulfilment with the end service and the most important of all; customer support. To attain all this, organisations need to take a step further where making use of the right technology can help them achieve all their targets. Some businesses stick to their traditional method which brings in good company, has a high customer retention rate and even makes a fair amount of profit. But eventually, when their business grows, there are issues which arise like matching the customer’s demands or providing services with higher efficiency. And this is precisely the point where traditional businesses fall behind.

On the other hand, cloud-based services assist organisations in changing the way they serve customers. Organisations who have implemented cloud technology in their business have already taken up efforts to achieve better customer satisfaction because the advantages include financial savings, increased agility and uninterrupted service to name a few.

“According to Forrester, 72% of businesses say that improving customer experience is their top priority. A study from NewVoiceMedia indicates that companies lose more than $62 billion due to poor customer service.”

Mentioned below are some of the points which are the areas which improve impressively after the adoption of cloud computing:

Allows continuous focus

Customer satisfaction is essential when you want a happy customer. But what’s more important is that customer needs continuous follow up to understand whether he is satisfied with the services provided to him or not. In future the customer might need some support and here’s where the cloud comes into the picture. The IT support which cloud service provides is fast and agile which addresses the concern quickly without hampering the customer’s business processes. This trait of cloud service allows continuous check-up on customer’s requirements so that he can be provided with instant solutions.

Offers present-day Updates

Applications on cloud need constant improvements to provide expected performance and so continuously updating cloud applications will ensure higher productivity and more significant results. Continually updating the cloud applications brings changes to their functionality which makes them stable and ready for new tasks and processes. Customers experience a more brief application on the cloud when it’s updated which provides a reasonable pace for business functions.

Personalising the experience

Your entire customer’s data is on cloud these days which offers an opportunity to make the most of that big data. To improve the customer experience, cloud enables you to analyse this data with multiple tools and segment the customers based on their behaviour for personalised experience and interactions. This allows you to reach the targeted customer accurately and efficiently in a more focused fashion. You can even quickly convert your prospects through real-time communications, emails and more.

Department Alliance

Multiple departments in an organisation can collaborate and access the same information at once from any desired location. This is possible because of the data stored on the cloud which significantly benefits all the departments where they can share their data and make decisions for better customer support. When various departments combine their data by working simultaneously, they get a specific pattern of customer conduct to attain the best possible solution for a more significant experience.


Cloud has definitely been a game changer in every aspect of a business. Day-by-day organisations are increasingly adopting cloud technology because of the benefits they receive which build an efficient business process. Customer experience, on the other hand, is an essential element for customer satisfaction which in return is beneficial for a business and reaps higher benefits. By taking our example, we can conclude that better customer experience is equivalent to being pampered by our parents where are receive care, support and attention.

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