Key Customer Service Skills To Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Customer-Service-SkillsDespite of what type of contact you have with customer, whether it’s face to face, over phone, in a restaurant or shop, in an office or industry etc. good customer service skills helps everyone. When the customer is satisfied with the service not only they will help an organization to grow but also they will continue to do business. As we all know “there is only one Boss, and that is customer”.

So, in this blog we’ll see how excellent customer service skills will help your business to grow

  • Don’t take your customers for granted: – After getting an order placed from customer, don’t take them for granted, always treat them as you did for the 1st time when customer came to you. If you don’t do so it will create customer dissatisfaction.
  • Knowledge of the product skill: – it’s not easy to know the product details from very scratch but always know the ins and outs of your product means how product works, what are its core features etc for better customer service. Also make sure you believe in the product or service you are selling.
  • Positive Language skill – Creating minor changes in your language can help you in developing long term relations with your customers. For ex. if customer contacts you, showing interest in a particular product that is re- ordered until next month and is unavailable.

Without positive language: – I can’t get you this product now, as it is re-ordered so it’s unavailable.

With Positive Language: – The product will be available in next month. But I will place your order now and make sure it is delivered to you as it’s available.

  • Time management skill: – Reply to customer query as soon as possible and does not let your customer wait. If you are unable to give a solution to the customer, find somebody who can. Don’t waste time going above or below customer, when you know that it will end up wasting both of your time.
  • Complaints aren’t bad always: – Don’t be afraid to ask for customer feedback, without this you will never know whether you are delivering an effective solution or not.
  • Smile: – It may sounds funny but yes, smile, and treat the customers as you wanted to be treated. If they don’t get respect from you, they will never respect your organization.

Don’t just sell products or services rather create an experience for customers

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