Easy tips for Effective client communication

effective-client-communicationClient communication is always a challenging job as many of us have to deal with angry client or a client with complicated assignment or with a changing mind as a part of our job responsibilities.  But if we know what to say/ask or how to say, we may be able to handle the situations well. In fact, chances that we can end up with improved relationship with our client and may get future opportunities.

In this blog, we’ll explore how to deal with clients and have better and effective client communication. I will share easy tips and techniques that you can use for client communication, so you will have happy and satisfied clients.

 1. Listen to your client

The most important thing in whole client communication is to actively listen to your client. So let client speak and listen to your client with all your attention. Don’t interrupt the client in between and jump to a conclusion.

 2. Estimate client’s technical knowledge.

Data center client requires a hosting solution and a developer’s client requires a website designed, in short every clients needs a solution of their problem. But every client can’t talk “tech” as we can. So for better client communication try to estimate client’s knowledge, so that you get an idea, how in-depth you have to explain.

For example –

a)  What operating system you have at your home pc?

b) What’s your preferred browser?

c) What website do you prefer in your spare time?

What you trying to know is client’s basic computer knowledge i.e. operating system or web browser. How well client know computer and internet. How & why client uses IT etc.

 3. More  importance on Bottom line

Clients may not be aware of what auto scaling, virtualization are or how they are accomplished. So try to talk in terms of results like so they will be inclined to listen to you. For example to explain auto scaling you can say – The Cloud offers elastic environment to provide vertical scaling and horizontal scaling of applications as it allows for rapid resource allocation in time of High demands which ends with “Optimum resource utilization with pay per consume”.

 4. Keep it simple

Over explanation is not always a good choice for client communication. Sometime we have a tendency to overpower or to over explain our clients with technical jargons just to show our knowledge and expertise. There’s no need of explaining to client how you going to create mockups in Photoshop layer by layer or in azure. What client is concerned of are only mockups. By doing this you’ll complicate things and may add to the client’s worry about a topic they’re not aware of.

 5. Have patient & Be an educator

This is most important for smooth client communication. Don’t forget your responsibility of an educator. If you struggle with being able to communicate with your client or to explain any issues or concepts, consider you teaching a young children, it may sounds funny but this will help in packaging information in easy to consume way , which words to use which not maintaining your patient level. Being able to communicate properly may defuse harsh situations.

 6. Don’t be fake, Be what you are

Don’t try to put a fake impression on client of what you are not .For example showing that you have developed 100 of website and you doing it from last 20 years and so. If you look or talk uncomfortable, it seems you trying so hard to impress clients by what you have not done so far. It may break your organization’s trust and hamper your relationship with clients leaving a bad impression.  So talk honest, sincere and be yourself for better client communication.

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