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Why We May Witness The End of Blockchain in 2019

Blockchain has been in the center of controversies after the recent hacks resulting in loss of valuable information and billions of dollars. Blockchain is a software run database that protects bundled information with cryptography and uses participant’s computers for storage. Initially, the blockchain revolution enabled individuals the ability to transfer money securely between them. Ethereum,… Read More »


The Contribution of IoT in Automation Industry

Growing technologies and expediting innovations are constantly changing the makeover of the world in some form or the other. One such technology is IoT (Internet of Things). This blog/article discusses the growth of IoT in the automation industry. It is quite obvious that IoT is responsible for bigger changes in the life which we hardly… Read More »


Transform Your Organization With Strategic Technology Solution!!

  Strategic Technology Solution! New trends in technology have always played a vital role in establishing mobility in the construction industry. Every individual in the construction industry has in all likelihood used the Internet for business eventually in time. The Internet has proved to be beneficial for business management as well. There is a stand… Read More »



The convergence of four major technology waves – Cloud Computing, Big Data, Business and Social mobility – have caused disruptions and consequently, opportunities and risks to the business and IT areas. Adopting and efficiently managing these four waves will cause significant impact on managers and IT professionals. Two aspects stand out: governance and management of… Read More »


Things You Should Know Before Migrating To Cloud Hosting Solutions

If you go into a cloud environment, above all, prepare a checklist for a successful transition into the clouds. Without a doubt, the cloud has became a hot topic all over the world because of the mobility and flexibility at lower cost. Cloud Infrastructure is the next-generation platforms that can provide tremendous value to any… Read More »


What Is a Broker In Cloud Services?

Cloud services typically implement common features and require an agreement about the quality of service (SLA). In such cases, the business model of the organization will face difficulties related to the management of cloud services. The cloud services management as a process of developing a system is aimed at using the power and possibilities of… Read More »


Cloud Foundry, Open Source Development Services

Vmware, which is into virtualization in the cloud has just released still in beta, the new platform as a service ( PaaS ), Cloud Foundry. The current leaders of the market in PaaS solutions are Microsoft Azure and Google App Engine. The novelty of Cloud Foundry is presented as open source and can support multiple… Read More »