Will The Cloud Change Services And Employment Terms In IT Market?

The services in the cloud computing are growing with increasing speed over the following days, with this, the initial cost of launching products fall as a result of which businesses can develop, build more for less money and with fewer people. This change, although in the long term, it means that there will be fewer positions in IT, what distinguishes today’s labor market technology, will be the desired skill sets.

Apart from usual software products, web services and cloud services are around the capital that generate content and data. Part of the installation configuration and maintenance works which are carried by people, are becoming automated, resulting in having a skill set focused on the supervisory talents, experience and knowledge of users did not return to technical work.

With the IT market in expansion and changes occurring in addition to training degree in computer science or engineering, some emerging skills should be taken into account for the professionals of the area that must remain to allow competition in the labor market.

The one who combines statistics and artificial intelligence methods that detect patterns in large amounts of data, has good job opportunities waiting. Data mining helps  to gain advantage over competitors in the information, which today is an important field in the environment we live in- the one takes over who knows more knowledge gets  better opportunities.

The research and site traffic on the web generates its revenue. Companies need people who know and are able to analyze the interactions of users and trends, to make a SWOT analysis, which allows finding strengths and weaknesses and opportunities amidst the changing needs of the public that is increasingly demanding.

With more information to filter inside companies, they need people to translate this data and transforms to talk business, we are talking about business intelligence. The greater the flow of information, the greater the need to have professionals who understand the subject, which have competitive air and know how to pass a team what the customer wants.

The skills listed above are additions to the university education, because the colleges are still trying to shape the curriculum for IT students, giving them knowledge deep enough to face the job market with a difference.

The field of information technology is large and the students are not easily graduating with a specific set of skills that enables them to work in a company. Cause they have information at different levels, will allow them to leave with a sufficient set of knowledge and unveil what is thrown in their path.

Search for learning on your own initiative, opportunities for university research projects or internships,  even without affinity for all activities that are established, work on an already established product, it helps a lot.

Speaking about languages for web applications, the practical options are JavaScript and Flash technologies because they are dominant, so study them and get acquainted with them.

For every personality, experience and education are different, and each company will get what you want.
It is important to be dominant in area of knowledge and general understanding of everything, this will depend on where you want to work.

Large companies have significantly greater resources than most startups, technology companies to hire more specific positions. It is important to have knowledge and understanding how the system works overall. With these contradictions, trends and software, hiring people who adapt easily to new technologies, ends up being a better investment for most companies.

Being proactive and passionate about what we do, take advantage of the skills that will acquire and work. Get knowledge, understanding a specific area enables the IT professional to have a competitive advantage in the labor market, as he has the new qualities and abilities needed for the area of web development.


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