Travel with The Cloud!

More and more travel companies are looking for scalable and reliable support for their online presence. So the travel sector is leading the way when it comes to adopting cloud technologies. A cloud computing technology makes sure travel and accommodation companies a scalable computing infrastructure that is available on-demand and on a pay-per-consume basis. The cloud model saves travel businesses from investing massive amounts of funds on infrastructure also gives infrastructure scalability.

The leading companies from this sector have discovered innovative ways to use cloud technologies to improve customer services. Travel companies have to offer services that are responsive and flexible to customer’s needs.

Cloud Computing Benefits for the Travel Industry:

1. Booking and information anywhere anytime :

This is a truly flexible way to do business which meets customers’ needs there and then. Agents can call and give information on the best travel routes and travel plans and book them from anywhere with an internet connection.

2. Scalability during peak time :

The travel industry is seasonal. Due to this high demand of some seasons like Christmas and New Year or summers can sometimes be too much to handle. Fortunately, the Cloud offers users scalable solutions to handle the seasonal rush. Travel agencies and tourism companies can increase or decrease their storage needs in the Cloud according to this seasonal demand.

3. Good connection with customers :

Travelers are planning and booking their trips from anywhere, anytime. So they are used to flexibility. Travel agents can stay connected to customers anytime, day and night allowing them to be responsive in customer service. So for customer satisfaction and loyalty the connectivity via cloud is very important.

4. Competition:

Travel industry is very competitive. Due to which they cannot afford down time, fortunately cloud services offers superior up time.  This results in to always stay ahead in competition.

5. One in all solution :

Cloud helps the customers in everything from the organizing the trip to booking and enjoying the holiday. From the primary search to creating an itinerary, from booking a flight to creating electronic travel tickets, the cloud is the perfect resource for placing everything a customer could need right where they can easily find it.

Travel with the eNlight cloud

Some Examples:

The amazing example is largest European airline, Lufthansa. They have developed a cloud based service ‘Cloud Stream’ which enables its passengers to pick out various content prior to departure, which can then be browsed while on board via the airline’s Internet access.

The UK-based company Sky scanner has made the cloud transition. They specialize in cheap flights and deals with around 600 airlines, competing for airspace with fellow search engine providers such as Ebookers and Expedia. The company’s website is visited by over 14 million people every month, is available in 27 languages, and has recently reached peak traffic capacity, leading to a call to arms for help with the demand for its service .

Players like Thomas Cook uses more sophisticated travel apps which bring you all the protection you get in a package holiday. This is possible with the help of advance cloud technology.

Utrip, for instance combines the cloud with big data analytics to produce personalized travel itineraries based on a user’s interests.

Future of Travel industry with cloud computing:

Cloud Passport:

Some of the countries are developing Cloud passport where personal information like biometric data, digital photo and other identifications can be stored virtually.

Personalized travel:

Big data analytics help travel industry to personalize the service for each individual.

For example, an airline can store and analyze frequent flyer preferences through app or website and can use them for future.


With cloud computation automation, in ticket booking, travel arrangement is possible. Some of the travel companies are building an apps where these companies let you book and travel but without any human intervention.

Innovation has made traveling easy. Many web-based options enables travelers to find the most suitable routes, while mobile technology allows them to plan and pay on the go. All this is possible due to cloud based services.

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