New Year Resolution of Cloud Technology

New Year Resolution of Cloud Technology

There is no doubt that cloud computing is the future of technology. It’s for sure going to bring a revolution in the IT world. Almost 90% of companies all over the world are already using cloud based technology to some extent. 2015 has been a great year for cloud computing but it is just the beginning of a new era. 2016 is estimated to be more promising and will be experiencing the concrete implementations of the futuristic technology. In this article I am going to elaborate a few upcoming trends in cloud technology and its implementations.

Internet of things (IOT):

Internet of things is a new hype in technology which is expected to have a ground breaking impact on the whole world. It is going to change the complete perception of today’s life. Imagine a world where the virtual world (machines) can interact with the real world (Us). Seems like a fantasy right..? But with the evolution of IOT this is possible. Data gathered by the machines and appliances can be used by the machines itself to resolve their own issues with no or minimum human interactions. Remember terminator movie the way cybernetic organisms adapt and evolve themselves. The internet of things is evolving from the phase of R&D and theories into actual implementation.  The classic e.g. of it is the recent OSLO metro system in Norway where the trains themselves does regularly checks whether everything is running smoothly and schedule timetables and maintenances accordingly. Everything is done via cloud connected technologies proving that IOT has a bright future.


According to Mark Russinovitch, CTO of Microsoft Azure, “Right now, the biggest technology shift in the cloud is a rapid evolution from simple virtual machine (VM) hosting toward containerization’’ Mark says, “containerization is “an incredibly efficient, portable, and lightweight cloud technology that saves significant operating system overhead costs and dramatically improves application time-to-market.”

Cloud containerization in brief is having one huge Docker that executes several sub-processes rather than having several processes running in the cloud at the same time. It is very cost effective & efficient as it saves lot of resources.

With containerization we will have the capacity to run greater things in the cloud at the same time. You could, for example, have a virtual PC running in the cloud that is exact replica of your home PC. You could then get access to the home PC from any gadget snared to the cloud, be it your work PC, tablet or even cell phone. The days when the cloud was only a helpful spot to store things are unquestionably over, containerization services like Docker and Azure make it their goal that you could have a capable PC that can run any sort of programming possible in something so little which you could fit it in your pocket.


Gaming industry is not new to concept of cloud. MMORPG’s (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) are games with massive databases and it is practically impossible to install all the information on the system. Hence developers use cheap cloud based memory which helps in improving the user experience and reduce the massive CAPEX required to set-up a game with huge amount of players. Now with the help of containerization the entire database can be mounted on a cloud which is accessible to anyone irrelevant to their own system configuration. Virtual machine’s kind of acts as online emulators which imitates the older systems. NVIDIA provides platform compatible with any system which will eventually diminish the high configuration system availability.

Digital currency:

Online payment is not a new thing over the internet. We come across various e-commerce sites in our day to day life. Shopping online is trending these days as people are getting more and more techno savvy. PayPal is the biggest player in the market and has been growing strong. Though, banking sector has to cope up with the emerging technologies customers are resilient towards the concept of online banking. But the scenario is changing gradually nowadays few European banks are adopting risk assessments plans with the help of cloud. The cloud is gaining grounds and becoming more powerful. Security being a major issue has been rectified to an extent and banks are adopting cloud to optimize their data inputs by automating it, which helps them in cost cutting and preparing them for today’s competitive market scenario. With the innovation of cloud technology money will not just talk it’s going to walk.

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