Oracle 12c: First cloud compatible database system

Oracle 12c

Oracle database 12c is the first of its kind to be compatible with a cloud based environment it provides multi-tenant design on top of a quick, versatile, dependable, and secure database platform. Cloud administration suppliers were attempting to give one application facilitated on a solitary server to various clients. Multi-tenant model consist of 500 additional features which enables customers to deploy private database clouds along with software as a service (SaaS) vendors searching for the power of oracle database in a secure model. Oracle multi- tenant is compatible with all oracle database features which includes partition, real application clusters, compression, automatic storage management, data guard, transparent data encryption, real application testing, database vault etc.

Oracle Database 12c clients can quicken execution of Oracle Multi-tenant pluggable databases by utilizing the speediest NAS database execution accessible from the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance. The Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol (OISP) presented in the database will empower it to correspond straightforwardly with the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, and convey a 65 for each penny lessening in organization and provisioning by powerfully and consequently tuning database execution. OISP will permit choose future Oracle stockpiling items to profoundly upgrade arrangements, quicken provisioning, and auto-tune stockpiling frameworks for expanded execution. Additionally, to help clients effectively oversee more information, lower stockpiling costs and enhance database execution, Oracle Database 12c brings along the new Automatic Data Optimization highlight. Accessible with Oracle Advanced Compression, this element consequently adjusts and upgrades execution by lessening the capacity foot shaped impression to the most extreme degree utilizing the huge information pressure particularly accessible on Oracle stockpiling frameworks Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC).

Data consolidation:

Data consolidation is a major issue, oracle 12c helps consolidating databases into database clouds and manages them as one to improve efficiency and simplify administration. Data on the server is not secured once on the server it starts mingling there are no redundant ways of preventing this. The only way to keep it safe is to keep the physical data separate. Due to the companies were reluctant to migrate to cloud infrastructure even after being cheaper. Oracle 12c enables us to keep different companies data segregated as we have pluggable database for everyone. Hence, providing 100% security of the data as there is no interception between different enterprises databases making cloud safer & secured

How multi-tenancy help SaaS vendors

Multi tenancy is necessary for companies who are potential SaaS vendors. Software at application level is not counterproductive at all and it’s difficult to manage the database separately. With 12c’s multi tenancy feature managing individual database is viable and fruitful in a long term. For e.g. suppose rural and co-operative banks decides to go high-tech. Setting up individual data center is not feasible for them. But what if a single SaaS provider provides them a platform where they can host their data separately with complete privacy all this is possible with the help of oracle 12 c.

Multi – tenancy is helpful for everyone who wants to manage multiple databases on multiple servers consolidated on a single server. It is very cost effective as it reduces CAPEX incurred on managing & monitoring multiple servers. 12c is very flexible as it enables companies to customize pluggable database into standard database.

Oracle 12c is compatible with any operating system and there are no restrictions on the hardware part as well that’s the beauty of 12c.

Big Data:

Innovations like Big Data, which basically identify with the tremendous measure of information that is created through online networking and other such sources, represent an altogether different sort of a test to an organization. For example, when an organization needs to bode well out of this sort of information, it is not certain whether to take a look at that information in general, or concentrate on the crux knowledge from it, and after that work on it. So Oracle’s methodology towards Big Data is marginally diverse. We believe that there are two sorts of information, organized and unstructured. This information that we are discussing is really the unstructured information. So it requires filtering and sorting, which can be done by adequate software. After the information is filtered, you give it the same treatment that you provide for some other company database. We are looking at simplicity in Big Data.

The biggest issue influencing cloud migration is data Security. multi- tenancy have been available on application level but companies are expecting multi-tenancy at database level coz data residing on the same storage was creating lot of security & privacy issues. Multi tenancy on database level was very expensive initially due to increase in resource utilization. 12c has helped rectify these issues by keeping the resource utilization at the same level as an application would require on multi- tenancy format. but providing more redundant security as given to separate database. Now multiple companies can have their database stored in separate system but these systems can interact with each other.

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