Internet of Things (IOT) : How It Will Change Your Life ?

internet-of-things-iotMore and more people are talk about this phenomenon that was even considered in the universities and then founded the CeFIRST, Centre for Educational Innovation and Social Research and Technological University Foundation INUIT which analyzes the so-called Big Data stating ‘IOT.

The Internet of Things represents a kind of neologism that refers to the extension of the Internet to the world of ordinary objects and places concrete essentially end up acquiring a kind of artificial intelligence using the software and network connection.

From some investigations conducted by companies such as Gartner and Cisco, it has emerged that individuals agree that within the next five years, all the everyday objects connected to the network, are destined to become a true reality.

The data show that by 2020, connected devices will reach to touch the figure of 26 billion, a number significantly is higher than the current of tablets, smartphones and laptops. The Internet of Things will affect many aspects of our daily lives and many, over time, will change.

Among them if they can identify some of them:

  • Traffic management and transport (increasingly smart traffic lights, parking lots and highways tutor );
  • Electrical networks (improving the safety and reliability of infrastructure);
  • Factories 2.0 (higher line efficiency production)
  • Waste Management (payment of taxes on the basis of variable)
  • Marketing in real time (highly targeted monitoring and real-time customer behavior)
  • Road safety (through notifications to the driver to make his drive safer)
  • Health monitoring (real-time control of the health status of the patient);
  • Automated Buildings (complete control of water, electricity and household appliances).

According to recent studies conducted by Cisco, seems to assert the idea that the phenomenon of the Internet of Things will have an impact that will be much more impressive and higher than what the internet was decades ago. This phenomenon will completely transform the world of things around us and the way in which humans interact with technology, once again we can re-confirm that the technology can be considered as a kind of extension of the body.

In this case it is natural to expect that the popular smartphone, with a simple command, will make even the coffee in the future!


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