Big Data: The Most Lucrative Professions For The Next Seven Years


The Big Data may be a new concept, but has shown exponential growth on interest and use with each passing year. Taxed by many as a revolution in the management segment analysis technology for an absurd amount of data from different sources is being increasingly used by large companies in gaining insights and market trends.

About a million jobs related to Big Data will be created around the globe over the next seven years. And for those embarking on the bandwagon early, is the promise of higher wages. Thinking about the site, here is a list of ten professions that will take advantage of this moment. Check out:

Market Analysts

It is here, that are responsible for transforming the massive amount of data into useful information to businesses. The recess has the greatest growth potential, 41%, and most variety of application fields. How Big Data can be used for almost any company, analysts may also work in many different sectors.

Software Developers

Although the developers of this segment not be connected directly to the Big Data market, are responsible for creating tools that facilitate the analysis of large numbers of data obtained from various sources. The growth forecast segment is 30%, mainly due to recent graduates.

Database Administrators

The other end of the analysis of information storage is responsible for promoting the recording and access to data. Those responsible for organizing all this summer an increase of about 31% market share, in the same extent that infrastructure manufacturers profit from the greatest amount of necessary equipment for the job.

Computing Analysts

Speaking of growth in infrastructure, these experts are responsible for the interaction between IT and executives of a company. With 22% growth forecast for the next seven years, the niche handles needed to use the Big Data systems.

Network Architects and Security Specialists

Are responsible for keeping the data safe and flowing regularly. Will see a growth of 22% also in its segment. No use to get and access data that is not safe and the work of these professionals is essential to avoid problems.

Network Administrators and Systems Administrators

The demands and stress of cheap managed dedicated servers and equipment due to the use of big data skilled personnel make to keep everything running is essential. Here, the expected growth is 28% and engineers or computer scientists will be greatly required.


As the market needs expert and well trained people, the work of teachers will also be valued. The growth of Big Data must take more and more students to become interested in this form, and are the masters who will lead this whole group. We expect a 17% growth in jobs in the area.



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