How Cloud can help solve Pokemon Go’s downtime issues

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Cloud can help resolve virtual game maker’s downtime issues

As Pokemon Go keeps on being a viral furor, the creators of the game have dealt with the service going down – apparently from loads over the servers during the peak times.

The answer is The cloud.

After scrutinizing the issues faced by Pokemon Go it is implied that the game’s makers could use cloud services’ public IaaS cloud to help alleviate intermittent service issues

Media reports demonstrate that the game had service disturbances around the globe throughout the weekend. IaaS cloud computing stages are perfect for viral workloads that have spikes in activity. The public cloud can be configured to consequently scale up its servers across over however numerous virtual machines are required, and afterward scale them down when demand eventually drops. Thus, enabling Pokemon go to maintain 99.99% uptime and also reducing the cost as they only have to pay for the resources utilized and not for the resources allocated.

The service issues seem to have subsided by this week. But the question is for how long?

Cloud can be an ultimate solution for MMO’s like Pokemon Go as the resource requirement for such games is massive and owning resources on such a major scale is very difficult. Thus, making cloud an ultimate solutions.


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  1. Rania

    I knew that the Cloud can help to solve Pokémon Go’s downtime issues but I did not know the process. But this post provides me some great information to solve the Pokémon Go’s downtime issues. Thank you so much and I will apply these steps as described above.

  2. Maria

    These are great steps to solve the Pokémon Go’s downtime issues! I should follow all these instructions. I hope I can solve it. Thank you so much and keep it up!

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