How familiar are you with Heterogeneous Cloud Platform?

Heterogeneous Cloud Platform is beneficial in many ways but still a unknown approach for many, Multi cloud is one of the type of it. Article gives brief information.How familiar are you with Heterogeneous Cloud Platform?

Evolution of Cloud computing is gradually upward! With every challenge new opportunity is heading up offering more efficient platform than previous. Looking up at this, do you know about Heterogeneous Cloud Platform?  Certainly, many of us are still unaware of it, which is also sometimes referred as Multicloud. Let us get some overview of it, with how it is different from regular cloud computing.

This cloud platform is made available with the combined benefits of Cloud computing with heterogeneity. Let’s start from foot, Heterogeneity in cloud computing depends on the infrastructure and service provided by provider. In homogeneous cloud environment resources needed, right from infrastructure to software packages and hypervisor are provided by one provider; hence we can say that it is simply called as homogeneous cloud environment.

Now about Multicloud environment, in this more than one provider comes in picture, where resources are provided by different providers, software packages by some other, Hypervisor by another, infrastructure by yet another, making it heterogeneous cloud environment to provide Scalability, flexibility and elasticity. Yet confused? Get it simpler; Different machine suites are interconnected in this cloud environment to meet required computational capabilities efficiently. It can also be a combination of two or more types of Clouds.

Multicloud may be tedious to control unlike in homogeneous environment, where all elements are controlled by only one provider. With changing trends and ever increasing demands in IT fields, there originates maintenance and growth, leading to complexities to manage them.

Considering these complexities, it is call of the hour to adopt software defined and cloud enabled service paradigms. Companies need to observe and implement changes in environments to form a manageable cloud service network.

Advance computations requires clusters of machines to work together to provide high performance computing (HPC). This type of computing is a perfect bout to accomplish the needs for HPC, by solving advance computation problems. Generally this type of computing is applied in data storage.

When we are talking about cloud computing, Multicloud, IT trends, growth and maintenance, one thing very but obvious to be spotted is big data and rise of it. Big data itself appears in assorted form. Big data has two main factors to be considered

  • Safe and reliable data storage
  • Tools for data analysis

In order to meet the requirement of computational capability for varied properties of clusters in big data, a software platform supporting this cloud computing is implemented by companies.

Heterogeneous cloud computing is must with today’s big data requirement and to gain essential reliability. It’s probable that, with advancements in technologies and increase in data, new platforms will head in future to provide more scalability, flexibility and efficiency.

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