eNlight IoT as a Platform for a Digital and Interactive Ecosystem

Internet of Things (IoT) is playing a key role in bringing the digital interactivity amongst things that have surrounded us. The future is here, where IoT is a key driver and has already taken over the Internet world. There has been a huge number of interactions that are now taking place between web applications and other objects present in our ecosystem. Today the term “physical world” encompasses an ecosystem that is made up of electronic devices, smart devices, telecommunication-enabled devices, smart homes just to name a few! Today, the rapid advancement of the Internet has now been able to connect all these devices.

The Convergence of Cloud and IoT

Today, cloud computing and IoT are the two technologies which have transformed the way we live and it is clearly evident that IoT is boosting the operations of cloud computing and in future is going to be used for making advanced predictions regarding the customer preferences and also support the facilities that will be provided by the managed service providers. Currently with the deployment of various Smart City initiatives, a huge volume of data is being generated, stored, processed and then accessed, which led to rapid growth of IoT and generation of data demands an associated technology that can provide a connection between these “Things”. To serve this purpose, cloud technology now acts as a paradigm for storing data as later, various analytics operations are carried out on this data. Simultaneously, IoT has also paved its own path by the combination of IoT and cloud computing.

eNlight IoT as a Platform

To incorporate all these rising demands of data and interactions, eNlight IoT offers huge potential to change the interaction methods in our ecosystem. eNlight IoT is a managed cloud platform that allows the connected devices to carry out a secured and easy interaction with cloud applications and other systems. eNlight IoT is capable of supporting various devices and is capable enough to process and route the sensor messages to other devices with a higher degree of reliability and security. With the deployment of eNlight IoT, the user application can monitor and communicate with all the surrounding devices at all times; even if they’re not connected over the Internet. With eNlight IoT, it becomes easy to use NodeRED, build IoT applications that can collect, pro  cess, visualize and accordingly act on the data that is generated by these connected devices, without managing any infrastructure.

How eNlight IoT Helps You?

1. Data Connection Management

eNlight IoT helps you by providing easy connection to your devices and you can virtually make your devices ‘to talk’ using eNlight IoT. Connecting the devices and making them interact has never been so easy.

2. Secured Device Connections, Data Transfers and Access Controls

eNlight IoT is capable of providing authentication, access control as well as end-to-end encryption across all connection points. This ensures that there is no exchange of data taking place between your devices and eNlight IoT without a proven identity.

3. Real-time Data Management

You can use eNlight IoT for collecting, filtering, transforming and triggering the device data on the go that are completely based upon the rules that you’ve defined. You can even update your rules regarding the implementation of new devices and application features at any point in time. With eNlight IoT, it becomes easy to use the Node RED services for your device data. You can easily define real-time triggers and notifications on your devices on the go.

4. Rich Analytics and Insights

Using eNlight IoT, you can collect, analyze and visualize your device data on your dashboard. You can visualize your device data using graphs and widgets. eNlight IoT makes it easy to use the NodeRED services for your devices to send data to various analytics tools and perform the real-time analysis of your device data.

An Ideal eNlight IoT Use Case

Cloud computing coupled with IoT has enabled monitoring utility and advanced powerful processing of the data streams. Considering the data generated by smart and connected devices can be directly uploaded and stored on ESDS eNlight Cloud and later can be used for monitoring, generating insights and for communication purposes with other nearby devices. So, the ultimate goal becomes to transform data into useful insights and these can be highly productive and generate cost-effective actions out of these insights.

Thus, eNlight IoT as a Platform serves with great efficiency as the most intelligent suite for improving the decision making process and enhancing the Internet-based communications.

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