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Data centers have a growth scope of gigantic proportions. As the local demand for data centers in the US is growing at a rapid speed and is overtaking the local supply quite easily, the western world now is looking at efficient and cheaper in comparison data center facilities in India.

There are five primary aspects to this new phenomenon – the green energy guidelines of the data centers, infrastructure, skilled web technicians, capacity, and the cost-savings – the data centers can provide these requirements quite efficiently.

It is understood that by end of 2011, the present US data centers will be using more than 50 percent of their capacity, and by the end of 2012 or mid of 2013. The US companies will definitely have to look for offshore data center backup solutions as the capacity will cross its limits.

There is another reason that will call for the use of offshore data centers, especially in country like India, which is a stable democracy, a rapidly growing economy, and is equipped with capable skilled workforce. This is because, at present, although there are a few major new data centers being developed in the entire United States, they cannot become operational quickly.

The present data centers, or at least a few of them, are quite capable to handle the US, European, and the local Indian needs very efficiently.

Also with the strict laws in the US about the use of environmental measures, energy-efficiency (improved power efficiency), and data security, the IT industry has already proved it worth by providing highest quality to these US needs. The data centers are now ready to fulfill some of the vast needs of the fast growing online markets of the US, EU, and the Asia-Pacific regions.

Data centers have world-class infrastructure, technology, and the highly skilled engineers.  For example, the ESDS Data Center is built and developed using the highest global standards in this field. Keeping its goals of becoming one of the leading data centers in the world, it already is catering to many global corporations and the top local Indian companies. It now has over 27 Thousand clients worldwide. Thus, it shows the fact that the data centers can compete with the leading data centers in the western world.

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