Green Technologies And Green Data Centers

In recent years, the term “green technology” actively became popular. Already several companies have built “green data center“. Increasing consumption of electricity and the crisis in the energy sector and  a number of states, the constant rise in the cost of electricity forced manufacturers to produce less and less energy-consuming products as well as looking for different ways to reduce energy costs.

Using the phrase “green technology” does not imply a transition to clean energy, for example, such as solar or wind power. The term “green” is used as “use the least energy-consuming ways to use devices while ensuring their highest performance”. This term is commonly used among professionals in the field of data processing centers and, incidentally, in the IT industry, including the leading manufacturers of various computer equipment that are constantly increasing power of computer peripherals and various device to ensure that this technique could use the latest software, games and various programs.

At the same time, software vendors, operating systems, games and educational programs on CD are also demanding more and more powerful computing resources to operate the software and use the latest models of processors in computers and servers. Race in vendors and manufacturers of computer hardware is constantly increasing energy costs.

According to analysts, in recent years, per unit area of computing power has increased by more than 10 times. And consumption expenditures are increasing and growing!

Large amount of energy spent on cooling of servers and various engineering systems.

Experts estimate that efficiency of data centers does not exceed more than 30%. Of course, business as soon as possible seek to profit from the introduction of the data center that does not always coincide with the goals of reducing consumption of electric energy. So, to ensure high efficiency and low power consumption in the data center, you need to buy a server with low power consumption. Must be installed in the new cooling system with a more economical mode of consumption.

In addition, it is desirable to buy and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with high efficiency. In short, a comprehensive approach involves the introduction of the most energy-efficient technologies in all devices that are connected to the server.

Leading manufacturers of microprocessors from Intel and AMD are constantly increasing its production of energy-efficient microprocessors.

Thus, the introduction of new technologies reduce the clock speed of processors that can significantly save energy. In addition, the automatic shutdown of the peripherals that are not used during operation of the processor, also leads to large savings of electricity.

When information is stored in big server, it often duplicate the same information on different disk arrays. This is a very energy-consuming operation, which leads to a large consumption of electricity. That is why, it is desirable to use a method of preserving information, such as de-duplication .

De-duplication dramatically reduces power consumption while exercising quality duplication of a large amount of information on your server.

Technology to reduce consumption of electricity used in design, there are some leading companies that are producing computer hardware, like HP Blade System, IBM Blade Center, as well as many other.

Aside from the usual air cooling, water cooling can be used, which can reduce power consumption. This technology reduces power consumption by several times in comparison to air cooling. However, the complexity of the design, installation and operation can allow the use of a water cooling system but not in all cases.


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