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Well, clouds sprint on Data Centers!

A Data Center (DC) is a provision used to lodge digital systems like workstations, personal computers and various other correlated units such as storage and network components. A DC normally consists of backup electricity supply, redundant data link connections, ecofriendly environment which includes power-saving systems, proper air conditioning and surveillance devices. Generally, a large DC uses a lot of power, almost as much as… Read More »


Project Green Connect- An environment friendly initiative by ESDS

Introduction Earlier when a user used to co-locate a server in a data center, they used to face many concerns regarding uptime, power, network, cooling and support. Now-a-days the user is also focused on the data center environment while hosting a server. As per a study carried out recently, the power consumed by data centers… Read More »


Green Technologies And Green Data Centers

In recent years, the term “green technology” actively became popular. Already several companies have built “green data center“. Increasing consumption of electricity and the crisis in the energy sector and  a number of states, the constant rise in the cost of electricity forced manufacturers to produce less and less energy-consuming products as well as looking… Read More »