Data Centers and SEO Strategies

There are many global web hosting companies that provide good web services for the small and big companies. But to market the products and services in a better way, and to have control not only on their web servers placed in the data centers but also to rank better in the – specific search results, the companies need hosting services that have their data centers in their own country.

It is noted that the geo-targeting of products and services gets extremely focused and gets better search engine rankings when the web server that contains the website is placed in the same region as the company’s target market. This is an important search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, and the company’s management must use the data center best practices and the web hosting service providers in the same region to take advantage of this excellent SEO strategy.

For example, any good company using the dedicated server hosting will be benefited from the search engines having their search engines placed in data centers in their own country. Google does have its servers and is therefore better placed to cater markets, than for example, through their servers placed in data centers located in UK or the USA.

The data centers are now as good as any in the World with advanced web equipments, servers, and network connectivity. Dedicated server hosting offers the latest servers, more RAM, maximum hard disk space, data security, top-quality bandwidth per month, fastest connectivity speeds, redundant power supply, better site mirroring techniques and data backup facilities, and more than 99.9% assured uptime.

Many dedicated server hosting providers even offer a full 100% uptime guarantee and excellent networking capabilities, making their service very popular not just among the top companies, but also companies from all over the world that has to do business due to the fast growing local markets. Having their web servers in an data center make it a very rewarding experience as these data centers provide excellent and world-class hosting environment backed by very skilled web technicians working round the clock.

The stable government, growing industries, better infrastructure, and highest quality management and technical experts are added benefits along with the financial benefits that make a great market for indigenous and imported products and services.

For these businesses, it is not just sufficient to have their web servers, but to get the market share of the rising local markets they need to rank much higher in the -specific search engine result pages, for example, Google.co.in, which has its own data centers. The particular search engine, Google.co.in, uses almost all the local languages and allows the population to search for products and services in their local language. A good company should take these factors in to account, as this can provide them the best opportunities.

Now, for example, big companies and businesses having co.in or .in domain extensions and also having their website hosted on web servers placed in the data centers in have better chance to do successful business than most outside companies provided other things are being equal. Hence, along with the on-page and off-page SEO techniques, an company should consider hosting their website with an web service provider which has its web servers and data centers.

Thus, for any company, the best SEO strategy — apart from other beneficial features like saving valuable foreign exchange for the country, the proximity of their web server, the cost-savings, and creating more jobs for the locals – is to opt for a great web service provider who offers dedicated server hosting in their own geo location. The affordable highest-quality web hosting packages, services, and positive benefits they offer to their clients are beyond compare!

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    Thanks a lot for letting us know about the impact of data centers in SEO. .This is something which is unique for me and i really get some great knowledge about SEO after reading your post.

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